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How Using Ice Cubes In Bed Can Actually Heat Things Up

You’ve probably heard or seen those “hot and cold” lubes for couples. While some couples love using them and encourage others to do so as well, a lot of people aren’t fans. Let’s be real: It can heighten your senses too much or cause an adverse skin reaction. (I’ve heard horror stories from people who attempted to use them, but ultimately gave up on them for good). However, there’s one common household item that can enhance sex more than anything else — ice cubes. It may sound crazy, but ice cubes are perfect for simulating parts of your body in various new ways. 

Let me explain. You know that feeling when you’re waiting to get in the shower with someone and you’re standing out freezing? Then you get under the warm water and feel their toasty warm body when you hug them and it just feels so good? That’s what it’s like. It just feels so damn good and you don’t expect it to.

Using ice cubes have many benefits sexually. 

For women, rub ice over the clit. Ask your partner to change up the speed they rub or do it nice and slow until the ice melts. While your partner is doing that, have them kiss, bite, and lick other parts of your body such as your neck or around your ear. It heightens all your pleasure receptors… And makes her extremely wet. 

When giving your partner head, use an ice cube and rub it over his stomach or on his inner thighs. For some, the heat from your mouth and the coolness coming from the ice will literally blow their mind. 

Another thing you can do is to trace your partner’s (or your own) nipples with ice and allow it to melt on their burning hot body. You could even have your partner put the ice in their mouth and trace it all over your neck, chest, shoulders, and down to lower regions. 

What’s more, you could even hold a few ice cubes in your hands to make them cold. Once your hands can’t take the coldness any longer (or the ice melts), rub them over your partner’s boiling hot body (especially their backs). The cold touch will get both of your nerves going wild and your senses will be heightened. 

Or, if you want to be subtle, you could simply run ice over your body allowing it to melt so you look extra wet to your partner. That way, you don’t freeze too much but your nipples are hard and your body looks slippery and desirable. 

While there are plenty of benefits of using ice during sex, there are also a few things to be warned of. 

Never use ice straight from the freezer. Our genitals are extremely sensitive, even more so than our skin. Something that cold can shock the skin or cause ice burns. The ice can also potentially get stuck to the already wet parts (think a tongue to a pole during wintertime). 

Instead, let the ice sit in a bowl for at least 4 minutes before using it so the rough parts melt away. No one wants to cut themselves on sharp ice in sensitive areas. Trust me — it’s not pleasant to deal with. It’ll also allow for the ice to glaze over your skin smoothly. 

Never insert ice into your body. In your mouth, sure. But not the vagina or anus. As mentioned earlier, it could cut the sensitive flesh and cause serious pain. That should be self-explanatory, but I’m giving you a warning anyway. 

Believe it or not, I’m a huge advocate for using ice in the bedroom. I’ve tried this both with a partner and alone. I loved using it with a partner because of how the sensations changed over time. My partner used all of the good tricks above and I have never had such a powerful orgasm. Additionally, I loved how hot and steamy it was — all while being chilly. 

Temperature play is not something to be scared of or intimidated by. It’s simply something different that you may not expect to like but probably will. So next time you want to try something new, grab a towel and some ice cubes from the freezer and try it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed while the ice starts to melt.

Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash



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