4 Necessary Tips For Your First Visit To A Nude Beach

Summer’s already here, and many of us have been waiting for this time of year, so we can finally slip into our favorite sexy bikinis and head to the beach. What better time than to show off the hard work we’ve put into our bodies? Who’s with me!?  

Naturist beaches are really not for everyone, but if you are looking for a way to get rid of those awful tan lines, perhaps you should check one out. I do suggest, however, that if you plan on going to a “nude beach,” you should keep an open mind. For some, soaking in the sun, bare-skinned, all day long can be quite refreshing and relaxing. Here are some pieces of advice for anyone who wants to try out a nude beach.

A nude beach is not a strip club!

Many people often assume being at a clothing-optional beach is just like going to a strip club. Not at all. Not even close. People at a clothing-optional beach go to get away from reality and to relax. They go to the beach knowing that other beach-goers will not judge them for their appearance, take photos, point, or gawk. Believe it or not, gawking, pointing and taking photos of anyone while at a nude beach is prohibited. Cops and beach security drive around on golf carts and ATVs and monitor the beach. They make sure everyone is obeying the rules. You can be arrested if you make a poor choice.

Hmmmm. This seems awkward! Who do I go with?

Some people go to the beach alone, some attend in  large groups, some go with their significant others, and some make  girls’ days out of it. I’ve seen it all. The majority of the people mind their own business and do not make conversation or eye contact with you. There is no rule that if you go to a clothing-optional, beach you are required to go nude. Some people walk around in their bathing suit, some go partially nude and other bare it all. Nude beaches are places for individuals to feel comfortable and free. Make sure you go with someone you can trust, as it’s a pretty private activity: You may not want to bring just anyone. Perhaps, a significant other who has known you for awhile or a best friend you have been friends with for years would be a good choice to bring to your first visit to a nude beach. For safety reasons, I suggest that you go with someone.

Is there a cost?

Usually, most the clothing-optional beaches are free to attend because the city  owns them. Still, make sure to bring cash for parking. Parking can be up to $15, and it is for the entire day (Cost is relative, though).

Don’t forget to use even more sunblock than normal.

This might be an obvious one, but since the sun touches more skin, if you don’t cover up with a towel while you’re tanning, you might end up looking like a red tomato. So, when you attend a nude beach, applying sunblock is imperative. Having someone with you is great because they can help apply your sunblock and vice versa. If you go alone, pick up a can of sunscreen spray. It works great, and you won’t miss a single spot and companies are now offering adjustable handles to help with application to hard-to-reach areas of the body.

This Summer, do something that’s out of your comfort zone. What’s the worst that may happen… you realize it’s not for you? Try to live every day of your life as if it’s your last. Live life to the fullest because you only live once. #YOLO

Featured Photo via Pexels.


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