Pretty Pinot Or Risqué Rosé: What Your Favorite Wine Says About You

Where there’s women, there’s wineRed, white, sparkling…you name it!

Every lady has her preferred label and, like her taste in men, it rarely changes. It may be challenging being a woman in this day and age, yet we’re more empowered than ever before. Women, as emotional as we can be sometimes, are commonly known as being mysterious, complicated creatures and, for this reason, we deserve a wine that fits us like the perfect pair of Louboutins. Even though after a long, hard, day, any wine is better than no wine at all.

In pinot and in vino,your choice of wine is a reflection of your personality. So, ladies, raise your glass, and tell me if I’m wrong:

Pinot Noir

Very much like Elsa in your ultimate favorite Disney movie, you’re elegant and graceful…… if you don’t freeze anyone with your good looks, of course,and you would choose the ocean view over skyscrapers,any day.
You’re kind and sweet, but don’t always know when you need to call people on their sh*t. Loyalty is your second name, and your friends and family know they can always count on you.

Sauvignon Blanc

Think of Sauvignon Blanc as an updated version of Chardonnay. Where these wine lovers were once simply hard workers, they’re now workaholics making their name on Wall Street using Sauvignon Blanc as their engine. They’re people of extremes; and don’t take no for an answer! In short, they’re sassy, but classy.


With eye for detail, nothing passes your gaze, and you damn well know it. You love classic authors like Hemingway, Steinbeck and Borges. And you feel sick at the thought of “Netflix and Chill” (Which I don’t blame you for, btw). You’d rather be swept of your feet like Cinderella, over wasting your time with just any man. You’re deep and soulful. You prefer the company of a few close friends rather than a crowd. You have deep thoughts about the world and find pleasure in long, profound conversation as opposed to chatty banter. You’re not meant to be silent – and you love it.

Boxed Wine 

Let’s face it, you’re an on-the-go person 24/7. College was probably never your first choice, as you would rather embrace your creative side and follow your dream. You’re independent, and never half-ass anything.


Men can’t get enough of you. After all, they’re too busy getting hypnotized in your smile or crystalline eyes. You’re the ideal guest at any dinner, as you’ll spice up the evening within seconds. You don’t follow the crowd and do whatever is different. And living in a red or white world? Nooo, thank you. You prefer watching your world through your pink glass, a place not everyone dares to go.

So, whether you’re the girly girl or the headstrong CEO sipping your double espresso at the corporate office, you know there a special glass of wine waiting for you at the end of the day. A glass that’s as unique as you arebecause, let’s face it, every woman is special, just in their own way.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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