To The Movies That Give You An Unrealistic Perception Of Romance

Here’s My Poem Called, Read This Poem On Your Next Movie Day. This poem is about watching a movie that gave an unrealistic perception of romance. The filmed shows that romance is supposed to be nothing but the good moments. It fails to focus on the true fight for what love is. That is what drove me to write this poem.

it is 4:00 am,

insomnia is at it again.

and all that plays in your silent empty mind is a scene from a movie that you saw the other night.

a movie that played when you were 16.

for entertainment purposes,

the new blockbuster hit for the young in love teens.

and you questioned at 16 if love was supposed to be that painful.

everyone laughed,

called you dramatic.

told you to not take it seriously, it is just a money grab tactic.

to get to the hearts of the hopeless romantics.

for the replays,

the views.

anything to get on the news.

but they don’t see you now at 4:00 am.

in bed.

in tears.

at the start of your adult years, because it wasn’t just a money grab tactic.

it was the cold-hearted truth.

I wrote this poem for the previous sixteen-year-old in me. Growing up in a media-filled society has changed the way we view love. The media puts the unrealistic version of love in my mind and because of this, I have been conditioned to think it is supposed to be a certain way. This poem is dedicated to all the movies and tv shows that have implemented an unrealistic form of romance into my mind.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash



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