From Pregame To Blackout: A 7 Shot Timeline Of Your Typical Night Out

We have a love/hate relationship with shots. They get you drunk quickly, sometimes too drunk, not to mention they almost never taste good. However, shots are definitely a staple for a night out clubbing or basically any other situation involving socializing and dancing, especially in college. With each shot comes potential for a more and more interesting night, and for the girls that claim they can take 14 shots before they feel the buzz, I’m talking about 7 full, straight-down-the-throat shots.

Shot #1: Getting Ready

This shot goes down extremely rough but it’s okay. It’s likely that this shot is just cheap vodka. You’re excited because that first shot signals the beginning of a fun night out. This shot is taken in your room to pre-game the night, so obviously In Too Deep by Sum41 or any other early 2000s throwback is playing while you and your friends finish comparing possible outfits.

Shot #2: Officially Pre-gaming

The second shot of the night is taken relatively soon after the first, because one shot only affects the lightest of light weights. After a round of cheers this shot goes down burning, (although slightly less than the first). Two shots deep and the night is ready to begin but only after CoCo by O.T. Genasis is done playing. I mean come on, who isn’t “in love with the coco?”

Shot #3: Ready To Go Out

At this point, you’re probably taking this last vodka shot as you pull on your coat and grab your purse to leave. Regardless of whether you’re walking or taking an Uber car, you’re currently regretting not drinking more or bringing a water bottle filled with more liquor for the road. Even though it’s your third shot and you can feel a buzz, it’s not enough. You know you need at least 2 more shots to get you ready to dance like no one’s watching.

Shot #4: Upon Arrival

This shot is taken promptly on arrival to whatever location you’ve chosen for the night; bar, club, or party. Promptly, because once you walk into said location, you’ll realize you are nowhere near drunk enough yet. Tequila is a good choice for this shot. Even though a little voice in the back of your head warns you that you’ll regret spending the higher price of shots at the bar in the morning, tipsy-you realizes it’s a necessary sacrifice if you want the night to be anything but basic. Plus, there’s always the chance that someone else will be paying for your later shots.

Shot #5: Remembering How Much You Love Being Drunk

Ideally, this shot is paid for by a cute guy you’ve been aggressively flirting with for the past 15 minutes, or an overly generous drunk friend. You need this shot. You’re just feeling the buzz of your last four shots that haven’t quite hit you yet, and you’re just remembering how awesome drunk dancing and talking is. Or maybe you start to remember why you hate the overly-crowded and overpriced clubs so much, and need the shot to be able to convince yourself to stay with your friends.

Shot #6: Go With The Flow

The sixth shot may or may not be a good idea. Most often this shot is the tipping point. You’re probably just so drunk that any idea offered by the group seems incredibly fun and intelligent. Tattoos? Why not. Streaking? I’d love to. Drunk you will probably drink anything at this point (say hello to Jägerbombs), and you’re not likely to argue against more.

Shot #7: The Shot You Shouldn’t Take

At this point, you’re blackout drunk or well on your way there. This shot is the “you have gone too far, please go home shot. The likelihood of puking and/or making bad decisions (such as drunk calling your mom or texting your ex 50 times in a row) is extremely high.

Remember ladies; each additional shot doesn’t bring infinite happiness. There’s a peak, probably around the fifth shot where happiness and drunkenness coincide. Beyond that, you’re just borrowing happiness from tomorrow. Nonetheless, cheers!

Featured image via Mariya Oliynyk on Unsplash


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