‘How You Remind Me’ Of What I Did This Weekend As Told By Nickelback Lyrics

Nickelback has provided us with some great tunes over our childhood, and even greater jokes as we get older. Let us never forget the notorious rock band and their emotionally charged lyrics that got our 14-year-old selves feelin’ some type of way. Nickleback got us through our middle school break-ups and taught us that all we want to be in life is big rock stars…and live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars. While the band may not be the most popular band anymore *aw*, the Nickelback legacy still lives on through worthy trolls, memes and internet follwers. Here’s my favorite lyrics that perfectly describe every 20-something’s weekend…you’re welcome.

1. When your friend shows you pictures of you from the weekend


2. When your friends try to do brunch after staying up until 4AM last night


3. That one friend who tells you everything that you did last night

Nickelback-nickelback-25876409-500-2534. When you thought your 3 AM “I misSS yo” texts to your ex were a great idea


5. When you tried to drunk order pizza at 2AM and realize they’re closed


6. When the bouncer tells you to leave because the bar is closing

tumblr_mh0uu4XPwC1qingovo1_5007. When you lost your friend at the bar and sent the “where are you” text


8. When you puked…but rallied.


I would just like to thank Nickelback for giving me the best hardcore lyrics to accurately describe my weekends in college. Where are they now, you may ask? All I know is that Chad Kroeger (lead singer with the Ramen noodle hair) is married to Avril Lavine, just let that one sink in for a second. May we never forget the band that brought us so much teenage angst, and may they forever live on in our drunken college karaoke nights. So the next time you start to regret your life choices from the weekend, remember the stars of Nickelback probably had just as rough a weekend as you. God speed, Nickelback.



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  1. ça me donne presque envie de jouer!Mais je sais qu'il ne vaut mieux pas que je commence… Bravo pour cette &qtru;entrepoise" menée à bien.


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