Be The Kind Of Woman Who Does These 10 Things

Be the kind of woman who is aware of her value and worth. She knows that she’s deserving of anything she puts her mind to and won’t settle for anything less. She is a go-getter and she won’t stop until she gets it. And others notice that optimism.

Be the kind of woman who encourages her friends and other strangers. She smiles wide, shouts her congratulatory wishes, and embraces others with a warm hug. She doesn’t let jealousy get in the way of her own happiness or diminish the happiness of others. 

Be the kind of woman who doesn’t need a boy. She can appreciate when someone special walks into her life but also recognizes when she needs to be alone. She still gives love to all, but she won’t settle for less than she deserves. But no matter who will sweep her off her feet, she will always love herself first.

Be the kind of woman who speaks her mind. She may come off as blunt or harsh at times, but she’ll always give her honest opinion – even when it hurts. She doesn’t let people walk over her and will let them know that she’s the toughest bitch you’ll ever meet – even though she’s sweet as pie. In truth, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Be the kind of woman who compliments herself. She does this when she notices how beautiful she looks or when she finds a minuscule reason to criticize her body. One who silences her negative voice and replaces it with a loving and kind one. 

Be the kind of woman who laughs loud and proud. She always finds a reason to laugh in every scenario. Even when she’s scared. That carefree nature and contagious laugh will help her surround herself with like-minded, positive people who also want to enjoy the most of life – with smile lines and all.

Be the kind of woman who is always there for other girls. Whether it’s helping a drunk stranger in a public bathroom or complimenting someone when they look good. She’s always there for support and to lend a helping hand. She recognizes that women need to stick together and not shoot each other down. 

Be the kind of woman who keeps in touch regardless of how busy she may be. She’ll call her grandparents if she can’t visit and will always stay in the loop with her gal pals when it’s been a while. She will always make the effort to contact those she loves the most.

Be the kind of woman who defines herself as a strong and independent woman, even in the moments of sadness. She may feel damaged, but she is still fulfilled and is able to push past the pain she feels because her happiness is so radiant. She never gives up on herself and knows she’s capable of it all even when she doesn’t have a team rallying behind her. 

Be the kind of woman with big dreams and aspirations. She keeps that laser-sharp focus on her passions and doesn’t stop powering through to achieve them. She’ll still feel moments of defeat, but she won’t give up because she knows it’s all part of the process.

Be the kind of woman who lives life as her authentic self. There’s no sense in trying to be someone else when it feels forced. She is as genuine, sophisticated, charming, and loyal as a person there is and is proud to be wearing the skin she’s in.

And that woman is the one reading this article.

Featured image via Pexels


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