8 Perfectly Reasonable Things All Girls Get Jealous Over

Everybody gets jealous. It’s a natural feeling. We all want what we can’t have, and as soon as we have them, we may not even want them anymore.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard men say their girlfriends are so jealous that it’s borderline crazy, and while that may be the case for some of them, we aren’t all crazy. We get jealous for real reasons, and while they might not seem important, they are to us.

So, before you judge, here’s 8 perfectly reasonable things all girls can get jealous about

1. Being literally attached to your phone.

If you’re out for dinner and your phone is on the table, you’re cuddling and your phone never escapes your side, if you take your phone everywhere with you as if it’s vital to your human existence – we’ll get jealous! We want you to ourselves for a while, and constantly texting everyone in your address book is just making us think you’ve got better things to do.

2. Texting one person. All the time. Who isn’t us.

If you have one friend who you are constantly talking to, we’re not jealous that you have a friend. That would be ridiculous. But we will be jealous that they get all of your time. Especially if you constantly have to leave the room to have a ‘private chat’ or hide your phone from us. Not cool.

3. If your default setting is ‘with the guys.’

When everything you do has to involve the guys first, and your girlfriend if they can’t make it. All your holidays are with them, all your days out are with them, everything you want to do is automatically involving them. If your girlfriend feels like she isn’t involved in your life, you might wake up one day to the harsh reality that she actually isn’t any more. 

4. Jumping whenever your girl-friends need anything.

Call it being petty, or insecure, or whatever you’d like to call it, but we don’t like our men doting on other women. It’s a natural instinct to protect what is ours. So if that other girl is constantly calling you, asking for lifts, asking you to come put her furniture together, or asking you to accompany her to that show, it’s going to piss us off a little.

5. When you ‘forgot you had plans.’

Your girlfriend asks you to hang out Friday, and you agree. Friday comes, and your friends ask you to go out to town, and you say yes. When your girlfriend calls, rather than apologizing and saying you’ll definitely be there once you tell your friends you’re busy, you just tell her you forgot. That’s a huge mistake! You’ll have us thinking we’re just a last resort, and you know we would never do that to you.

6. Not telling us when something amazing, or terrible happens.

When something bad happens, it’s understandable that you would call your partner for comfort, so if you’re running off and telling everyone else so they can console you, we’re wondering why. Also, if something wonderful happens to you; you got that promotion, or you beat your record, and you tell everyone but your S.O., it just seems like you’re trying to impress everybody but us! Help us, help you.

7. The ex you “forgot” to mention.

Obviously, we don’t really like the idea of you hanging around with your ex-girlfriends. Sometimes, we  can move past it. But, if we start hanging out with some of your friends, and someone lets it slip that you had a crush on so-and-so, or dated this other girl for a few months, we’ll wonder why you didn’t tell us? What are you hiding? You can guarantee we’re not going to go out with them again.

8. Your clothes.

This might seem a weird one, but it’s true! If we always see you wearing sweatpants and a jumper, but whenever you go out with your friends you dress up, we’ll get jealous when we think we aren’t worth the effort when you’re with us too. It will also bring up the very important question – who are you trying to show off for?

Are we really that crazy because we don’t want to be dating someone with only half an attention span? Of course not. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t need to pretend everything is okay, so just pipe up, say you’re not happy and get on with your life.

If you really need a reason to justify your jealousy, just remind your boyfriend:

We’re only getting jealous because we like you. If we aren’t jealous, then you should worry.

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