6 Reasons You Should Always Be Learning

In business, you hear a lot of people talking about the ABC’s: Always Be Curious, Always Be Closing, Always Be Connecting. While they can be helpful for sales, there’s a more important adage for our whole lives. That adage is ‘Always Be Learning’. So, to hopefully encourage you all, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 reasons why you should always be learning! Have a look…

Learning helps with brain development, especially as people get older.

Our brains are amazing organs. They are able to be molded by our knowledge. However, they don’t stay in the same mold though. They are constantly changing along with our perception of the world. Learning new things keeps our brains evolving. As we age, it’s important to exercise our brain like we would any other muscle. This can help with memory and possibly hold certain illnesses at bay, such as Alzheimer’s.

Learning helps improve social and emotional health.

By constantly learning new things we will gain knowledge that will help create connections with others. We’ll be able to relate better to others. This in turn will help with emotional health. We’ll be happier, feel more loved, and not feel lonely. It’s important to find common ground when engaging with others. By exploring all realms of knowledge, we are better able to interact with those around us.

Learning helps to fight boredom.

We have all found ourselves saying we’re bored at one time or another. By exploring new information, there isn’t that opportunity to be bored. Constantly learning keeps our minds busy so we don’t find ourselves falling victim to aimlessly sitting around watching the minutes pass.

Learning creates adaptability.

The world is constantly changing. If we don’t give into this change, then we’ll be left behind. It’s essential to constantly be learning to keep up with every new development. We will not be able to continue on if we don’t try to keep up. There are so many amazing things happening in the world today. It would be a shame to let the knowledge slip through our fingertips.

Learning uses your free time better.

You’re on your bed, you’re bored but not quite tired enough to go to sleep. Or you’ve got the day off and none of your friends are free. Forget Netflix, forget YouTube, and open a book, find an essay on the internet, research your family tree…. LEARN. Use your bored free time to learn things you might never have before… what’s a better use of your time than that?!

Learning keeps your imagination alive.

One of the saddest things is seeing an adult that has nothing of their childishness left. They can’t see past reality, and it’s all they accept. Don’t let it happen to you! Learn about fables and fairytales. Learn of conspiracies and wild theories to keep your mind thinking outside your autonomy.

There are so many advantages for always challenging ourselves to learn something new. These are only 6 reasons we felt were most important. With these reasons in mind, I hope that we all try to challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zones and explore the world and all it has to offer.

Written in Collaboration with Ashley Cordner

Featured image via Unsplash


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