Thoughts Every Girl Has When A Guy Texts Her (Video)

So you met this guy: at that party, in the coffee shop, in the store, or around campus. Instantly, there was a connection; you talked, you laughed – you really felt something with this guy. As your time comes to a sudden end, you begin to worry if you’ll ever see or speak to him again. Luckily, it is the 21st century so you know that if he actually likes you too, he will text you within moments you walk out the door.

The problem is – he will text you, causing you to stress, overthink every response, use your friends as your panel of judges, and spazz every time your phone lights up. You try to keep it casual so you start off acting just friendly, and then slowly smother him with flirtations and unavoidable cuteness.

You have to make it seem effortless and never rush into replying because you want him to think you actually have a life and his texts are not the highlight of your day. You’ll leave your make-up on despite it being late at night on a Tuesday because he might send you a snap and you have to look good when you snap back. 

It is truly a nauseating experience, but then again, texting the right person could bring butterflies that outweigh the nervous button-smashing. 

Featured Image Via Tumblr


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