4 Tips To Change Your Mindset And Start Living For Yourself

When you’re little, it’s easy to want to please your friends or family and not put yourself first. Maybe it’s as simple as cleaning your room like you were asked or getting that matching top your friends have. We are conditioned to enjoy making others happy. Now that we’re adults, it’s time to live for ourselves. If I want to move to a big city for a change of scenery, no one can stop me. Many people will try to put us into boxes our entire lives, so they can “dictate” or have control. Don’t let them. Here are some ways you can begin to change your mindset of living for yourself:

1. Make a list of wants 

There’s always something we really want or wish would happen. Creating a list causes you to see your dreams on paper, making them more realistic. 

2. Remind yourself it’s okay to put yourself first 

Often, we’re so busy helping others that we forget to take care of ourselves. Being selfish at times is okay. We’re living in a time where our mental health is being challenged on all fronts. So knowing when to step back and focus on yourself is not a crime.

3. Living for yourself will change your mood 

Others around you are bound to notice — whether it’s binge-watching a series on your days off or trying new eateries with friends. You’re choosing things for you instead of for your parents, teachers, or anyone else. This is going to improve your health in every aspect and relieve the stress we’re constantly experiencing.

4. Consistency is key 

The more you form this habit of living for yourself and by yourself, the easier it will become. After a while, it’ll be as natural as breathing. So make it a habit to set aside time for yourself once a week. Whether it’s in the early morning before you start the day or right before you go to sleep. It all counts.

The great thing about putting yourself first is you don’t have to explain it to anyone. You’re not being rude or ignorant of those around you. You’re being self-aware of yourself and your needs. We always think that there will be time to set aside for ourselves one day, but that time is now! No one is promised tomorrow. And before we know it, “oh, the next day” turns into weeks and months, and you never put yourself first.

Featured image via Rachel Claire on Pexels


  1. Learn to meditate. …
    Make personal development a priority for yourself. …
    Retrain your brain by noticing 3 positive changes per day. …
    Write your post-mortem. …
    Focus on your long-term vision. …
    Imagine the inevitable. …
    Do the dirty work yourself.


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