The 5 Cutest Kids On YouTube You Wish You Could Babysit

Kids are majestic creatures, aren’t they? Sometimes, they can really put a damper on an otherwise wonderful day. I mean, they scream and cry in restaurants you’re paying way too much to be at and you wish it was socially acceptable to tell their parents it’s 9pm and they need to put their child to bed. They’re going to show up at the movie theater during a romantic comedy because their parents couldn’t find a babysitter and throw tantrums the entire time. They’ll even whine and run like escaped convicts in the grocery store when you’re already irritable from a long day and just trying to swipe some Ben and Jerry’s on sale. However, children also have a way of brightening your day with a smile, a giggle, or an adorable comment (they’re rather unfiltered as it turns out.) We’ve all seen plenty of viral “cute kid” videos online and there’s no doubt a short three min clip will always lift our spirits.

Here are five kids to make your Friday a little more bearable:

1. Halloween Candy Cuties

“It’s okay. I just want you to feel happy.”

You know how every year Jimmy Kimmel challenges parents to tell their children they ate all their Halloween candy? It’s horrible. We shouldn’t laugh. But this is possibly the sweetest kid ever! He’s clearly disappointed but the moment his mom confesses the theft, he puts on that he’s fine with it. He just wants his mom to be happy.

2. This is Her Life…
“I care if I do something that’s special!”
This 5 year old is trying to get her priorities straight! She has decided to make it absolutely clear that she is not interested in marriage until she has a job. She’s got it more together than most of us adults do.

3. Daily Affirmations
“I can do anything good!”
This little girl is standing in front of her mirror getting pumped up for her day. Her whole house is great and she can do anything good, better than anyone.

4. The Last Straw
“You will never see this face again.”
This little boy appears to be on some sort of television show about cleaning up lifestyle and eating habits with his family. However, he is not having it. When they begin to throw away all his unhealthy food, particularly, his bacon. He loses it and decides he’s out of there.

5. Sad Songs
“Give me a thumbs up if you’re okay.”
This little guy must be pretty emotional when it comes to music. While “Say Something” is playing in the car, he begins to cry but doesn’t want his dad to change the song.

The internet it absolutely full of material to watch as a pick me up and the cute kid genre of videos might just be one of the greatest. These kids don’t even realize how their adorable-ness brightens our day or why but we thank them!

Featured image via Daria Shevtsova on Pexels


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