20 Things You Haven’t Thanked Your Boyfriend For, But Should

Significant others are constantly putting up with all of our ridiculous day to day quirks. Admit it, you can be a lot to handle sometimes, and if he’s put up with your random outbursts, obnoxious singing, and awful cooking for this long? He’s probably a diamond in the rough. There’s so many times you may have let ‘thank you’ escape your mind and I know that it can never be said enough. If you’ve ever let your Bae go unrecognized, take a couple minutes and send them this article. We’ve got all the bases covered, here’s 20 things you should probably thank your boyfriend for:

  1. Putting up with non-explanatory tears. Sometimes girls just cry, and we don’t always know why. Thanks for being the stable one, never passing judgement, and loving me when I’m not-so-lovable.


  1. Not only for taking countless selfies with me, but for taking countless photos of me and my friends. Sometimes the lighting isn’t great, our arms take unflattering poses, and for some reason my eyes are always closed. You’re the real MVP for patiently taking pre-bar pictures until we find one truly Instagram-worthy.


  1. Agreeing that so-and-so is annoying as sh*t. Because, well, she is. Thanks for taking my side and being my biggest advocate.
  1. Petting my head and playing with my hair. I’m quite aware that I probably should’ve been born a cat because of the amount I love my hair to be played with. Thank you to the boyfriends who know just how to stop stress or anxiety before it starts with a good old head stroke.


  1. Giving me space and letting me pursue my dreams. I can confidently say that you’d never try to stop me from pursuing an opportunity whether it was near or far. Time with you is my favorite way to spend it, but you let me do my own thing at times and that’s important to me.
  1. Obnoxiously singing along to the radio with me. I can’t help but belt out every lyric when the Arkells come on the radio, and I thought I was the only one…Until we took a road trip together. Thank you for having a music taste almost as indie as mine.


  1. Never pressuring me. This one’s a biggie. Thank you for being understanding toward my limits and for letting our relationship move at a pace I’m comfortable with. Thank you for being a true gentleman.
  1. Dealing with a mouthful of hair whenever we spoon. It’s safe to say I’m the Rapunzel of redheads, and I can’t be the only chick out there with some long locks that tend to have a mind of their own. Thanks for understanding the many sacrifices that must be faced when maintaining a long-haired look.


  1. Paying for dates, but letting me pay sometimes too. Chivalry isn’t dead, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight you over the bill sometimes. You treat me well, thank you for all the dates you’ve paid for. But more importantly, thanks for putting your pride aside and letting me treat you too.


  1. Never hiding your phone or giving me any reasons to care. You keep your read receipts on and don’t have a password lock. Thank you for trusting me, being honest and never giving me any reasons not to trust you in return.
  1. Acknowledging how soft my legs are after I shave them. Every girl knows the struggle of having to maintain smooth legs in the summertime, and it’s nice to have someone notice. Thanks for keeping up with the small stuff.


  1. Seeing my side of the story. You’re not one to jump to conclusions, and I really value how you see all perspectives before jumping into an argument. A lot of the time, I am overreacting, but I’m too emotionally invested to see it. You pick your battles, and aren’t afraid to apologize when it’s due.
  1. Eating delicious, disgusting, and unhealthy food with me. You never judge my order, and aren’t afraid to #treatyoself to some greasy goodness once and a while. Large chocolate shake? Two straws please.


  1. Never letting me do anything stupid, alone. Whether it’s sneaking booze into concerts with me in the most questionable ways, or sharing the ‘pitcher of poison’ I was expected to drink at a club initiation, you’re my partner in crime and there’s nobody better fit for the job.
  1. Introducing me to your friends. Thanks for sharing your friends, and being cool when they became my friends too. Good peeps makes for good vibes all around.
  1. Holding my hair when I’ve had too much to drink. You’re always there to take care of me when I’ve hit my limit and I know it may go without recognition right away, so thank you for carrying me home. Even if I don’t really remember it.


  1. Putting 2 sugars in my coffee when I asked for one. You’re always sweetening up my day, and you know that when I say 1 sugar, I’m secretly wishing it were 2.


  1. Saying you appreciate me. There are so many more important things to say than ‘I Love You’ and this is one of them. Thank you for not only appreciating the things I do but letting me know you appreciate me.
  1. Getting up and turning off the lights when we’re both already under the covers. You make those daily sacrifices and escape from the cozy covers to turn out the lights, thank you for being my everyday hero.

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  1. Reading this article all the way to the end. Just because I sent it to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the hubby’s dating a Gen Y sweetheart. Although we can be crazy and not always at our prime, we promise we’re worth all the trouble. We’ll always have your back, make you laugh, support you and show you the same loving nature that you’ve shown us.


Featured image via Katerina Holmes on Pexels



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