8 Undeniable Reasons You Should Date A Dog Person

The definition of “Dog People” – The people in the world that spend the work day anxiously counting down the minutes until they get to go home and hang out with their furry friend. Dogs are a lot of work and you have to be a truly awesome person to make the time and take on the responsibilities of a dog!

There is no denying it – dogs are better than humans. They make us laugh when they can do crazy tricks, they makes us feel all warm inside when they are teaching a baby how to crawl across the floor, they even make us want to be better people when they risk their lives chasing down the idiot that thought he wouldn’t get caught stealing when he shoved $50 worth of frozen french fries down his pants. Everything about dogs makes this world a better place. You might have the occasional dog that is having a really bad day, gets a little upset and bites someone’s face off, but 99.8% of the time, dogs are the best part of our lives.

If your Tinder profile doesn’t say it already, you should be updating it right now to include: Requirements: MUST LOVE DOGS. After you do so, here are the reasons why you should be dating a dog person:

1. Dog people are some of the happiest/healthiest people in the world! (Scientifically proven!)

Tell me one person who doesn’t love walking into their house to see a little fur ball running at them, tail going wild, and their dog howling with joy. It is the best feeling in the world!

2. Dog people are responsible as hell.

Dog parenting is hellaresponsibility! It might not be the same as a child, but our fur child has more legs, thus more responsibility. Plus you can just ship yours off to boarding school or boot camp – all we can do is put ours in a cage for five minutes before the sad howl starts and you have to give in.

3. Dog people know how to have a good time and laugh.

Dogs are hilarious, thus their humans are hilarious. Whether it is dressing them up for an occasion or teaching them a cleaver trick, dog people know how to have some fun!

4. Dog people know how to share.

When you get a dog, everything changes. Why? Because you have to share everything with your dog. Thanks to those sweet little puppy dog eyes, half of your meals end up in the paws of your furry little friend. Sharing is caring!

5. Dog people are loyal.

A true dog person is all about their dog. Dog people will stand up for their dogs through thick or thin, even when it comes to them biting the ass off the mail man. They will sometimes cancel plans with you because they know it has been a long day and their dog needs them more than you need to go to happy hour. Fur kid always wins. The good thing about that is though, once you win over a dog person’s loyalty, you have it forever.

6. Dog people like to cuddle.

How could you not want to cuddle with that big ball of fur?! Netflix and Chill with your furry friend is the best kind of snuggle time you can have! Sorry dudes, it is true – the dogs win out on this every time because they actually let you watch the entire program and there is no interrupts for the various definitions of Netflix and Chill.

7. Patience. Patience. Patience. Dog people are loaded with it!

It is a lot of work to have a dog. With that, comes a lot of patience. We have one toilet, but they have a whole yard! It takes a long time to find exactly the right spot. Patience.

8. Finally, hair is not an issue with dog people.

Whether you have no hair or too much in places where it shouldn’t be, dog people can handle it. We would truly appreciate if you could maintain your hair as much as possible, because we would not like to have to brush it like we do our dog, but us dog people can go with the flow.

It is undeniable – Dog people are reliable, caring and entertaining as hell! Dogs make this world a better place, so why wouldn’t it make the person you date better too! Cats are cute, parrots are fun, monkeys are wild, but dogs are where the action is at!

Featured image via La Miko on Pexels


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