What Do Women Really Want? The Answer Will Surprise You

So, what do women want? It’s one of mankind’s most timeless questions. Men, in particular, are led to believe that the female mind is the most secretive, confusing, and inconsistent thing in the universe. Well boys, you’ve got us pinned. You continue to ask the question, “What do women want?” and assume we have no idea. You believe that our minds change every day, and that we’re playing a game. But the truth of it all is, we know what we want, and it’s not all the same thing.

There’s no singular, consistent thing that every women wants, and there never will be. We’re not making anything easy for you, and we shouldn’t have to. Women are diverse, unique, and authentic individuals, and personally, I find it arrogant to think that we would all want the same things. Do all men like the same football team? Of course not. You would have nothing to argue about at the office if your cars, favorite teams, and girlfriends, weren’t completely distinctive.

We’re different, and that’s what makes us so great.

Take it from a woman, we want you to get to know us. Yes, we are more than a pretty face and a pair of heels. We are complex, smarter than we look, and waiting for our minds to be unravelled. Stop judging us by face value, calling us “basic bitches” and squaring us off into a refined box of how we’re “supposed to be.” Women want more than a dozen roses or a Mel Gibson movie. You can try your best to walk in our shoes, but we’ll never be the same. We’re individuals, and it’s time we’re recognized as such.

Some women may want your attention, others won’t be interested. Some want success in the workplace, others want a family, and some of us (heaven forbid), even want it all. We’re determined, that’s for sure, and we won’t stop at your stereotypes of women daydreaming about tall, handsome princes to sweep us off our feet.

My advice to you is this; if you truly want to discover what it is that makes a particular women tick? Try talking to her. Try making her laugh, and asking her what kind of music she listens to. There is no universal truth, and no short-cuts. Women deserve the ability to want new things every day, and to achieve them alone or with help. The rest is unwritten, and up to you to find out.

Featured image via Timur Romanov on Unsplash



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