Why Being The Third Wheel Isn’t As Sh*tty As You Think

If anyone that understands the ever so torturous struggles that come with being a third wheel, it’s me. If only third wheeling were a great way to spice up a resume, I’d be hired for sure. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those cynical messages to everyone who has found great relationships; props to those who have! This is purely directed towards all my fellow third wheels who are beginning to feel hopeless, and worst of all, pathetic. Here’s the deal, you should never feel ashamed of being the third wheel.

We’ve all been there. That awkward moment when they invite you to come over to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones and suddenly a full on make out session starts happening right before the theme song ends.

Or the time when you thought that it was going to be a swell day with you and your friend at the mall, and then their significant other shows up and you have to sit in the booth by yourself.

And don’t even get me started on all of the cute, adorable moments when he swoops in to surprise her a “hi-honey-I’ved-missed-you” kiss.

And my all time favorite, when you walk into the room while they are arguing, and they try to drag you into it and make you the judge expect you to pick a winner.

It’s a tough world out there for those who find themselves as the third wheel, but there are two things you must remember.

First of all, never think that being a third wheel is an accurate reflection of how your life is going or an excuse to victimize yourself into playing the “forever alone” card. Just because your friends happened to have found a partner doesn’t mean you are failing at life. Being in a relationship should never be the only staple in your life. There are many other things that you need to put your efforts into, like following your secret passion for knitting. You could become the next CEO of Google without being in a relationship; no one is ever going to turn you away from something because you are single.

Second, While at times it can be awkward to be the odd man out, you have to own it. There are many times it comes as a fun advantage. As the third wheel, you have an obligation to keep your friends grounded. You’re the one that reminds them to “make room for Jesus” when they get too handsy at the restaurant.

You also let them know their baby talk isn’t necessary when children under 2 aren’t present.

Without third wheels, couples would forget how to conduct themselves in public.


There are quite a few perks to being the third wheel too. For instance, you have a free pass to drink the night away when your out with the love birds.

When you go out, your friends who are in a relationship are too busy drinking in each other’s faces and not their cocktails. You know what that means; more booze for you!

You don’t have to share your food with ANYONE!

You get all the foods.

Your friends don’t view you as the sad, awkward, friend that is forever alone – they see you as an amazing human being. You are the person that gives them advice and laughter. You should never underestimate the impact you make on your friends lives. So, the next time you find yourself riding about tricycle style, don’t be sad about it. The third wheel may stand alone, but it always stands ahead.

Featured image via Athena on Pexels


  1. this actually helped me a lot. recently, the two friends i had an interest in got together and i was third wheeled with them. this was nice.


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