8 Struggles Every Indecisive Girl Faces

What’s it like being the indecisive girl? I’d tell you, but I can’t decide where to start. Frankly, it’s a damn miracle I even managed to make the decision to write this piece.

Jokes aside, let’s take a look at some scenarios that an indecisive girl faces on a regular basis.

What do I want to do with my life?

Are you kidding me? You want me to make a decision that literally shapes the REST OF MY LIFE?! I don’t know that, but what I do know is I’ve changed my mind 8 times already this morning.


Should I cut my hair?

Yeah, I’m definitely cutting my hair! Oh sh*t, no I’m not, I like my long hair…but maybe it would look cute and also be so much easier?


What should I wear today?

Let’s not even talk about how many times I changed my outfit this morning (hint: every pair of pants and most of the shirts I own are strewn all over the floor of my room).


Should I go to class today?

Nahhhh, it’s too nice out. Well…what if something important happens? Ha, jokes, nothing important ever happens in that class. Okay, well except for that one time…or that one other time…I guess important stuff sometimes happens? Ugh, I should go.


Should I text him again?

No f’ing way, he didn’t text me for like, 4 days. Oh wait! He just texted me back! No, I shouldn’t text him, I should wait…or should I?


Someone brings treats to the class/staff/staff room…do you have one?

Heck yeah, cookies rock! But I went to the gym today, I don’t want to ruin that. Well, I went to the gym today, so I totally deserve a cookie! (At this point you’ve taken so long to decide whether or not to eat the damn cookie that they’re all gone and you’re out of luck).


Where should I get dinner?

Oh, this one’s a doozy. I’ve been craving Chipotle all week, let’s get Chipotle!! Oh, but also there’s pizza, which rocks. Or maybe I could get something healthy. Or I could cook? Nahhh, that sounds hard. So are we back to Chipotle or….?

*Note: this is also the time your friends and family hate you.


Should I go to bed, or watch some Netflix first?

Ha, only easy decision all day.

Featured Image via screenshot of Good Luck Charlie


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