Why You Should Stop Stressing And Embrace Uncertainty

It's the journey you'll remember, not the destination.

Hey future me. There are so many things I want to ask you.

Like, what does your bedroom view look like? Are cars flying yet? What are people wearing nowadays? Who are we going to marry? Are we going to marry at all? What career(s) will we have? Where will we live?

I guess we all want to know what our future will look like, don’t we?

These and countless other answers I so desperately want to know, simply because it will make the future a little clearer.

But to you, future self, I’m not going to impose these questions.

While young me may be afraid of the unknown, I truly hope you’ve stopped letting fear get in the way of your dreams. I truly hope you’ve stopped comparing yourself to the person sitting next you, and finally have learned that this happiness can only be found within yourself . I pray you’ve found the man that makes you believe in love and are living happily ever after. I wish your career has been successfully, not in monetary terms, but in happiness and sense of fulfillment.

And I truly hope you’ve become a little more selfish, regardless of how harsh it may sound.

Caring and loving others is a gift, but when their feelings overpower your own, there’s a problem. There’s a strange art in being selfish. It forces you to look at the world through your own eyes, not through anyone else’s. Today was the first time someone called me ‘selfish,’ which I couldn’t help take as praise, rather than as an insult. Being selfish means putting you first. It means you are the driver, not merely a passenger in your own car who lets someone else take control.

Future me, I’m not hoping you have had an easy life. Far from it actually.

Instead, I hope you have found the strength to endure a life filled with sadness, love, happiness, and grief, as that is part of being human. I hope you have learned to forgive and forget, as anger and revenge are the key ingredients to an unhappy state of mind. I pray you’ve gotten rid of toxic relationships, because we both know they have not served you well so far. I wish you have experienced your fair share of heartaches, bad dates, and experiences. Because that’s what made you stronger. You’ve always dreamed of having a little finger pointing your direction and saying ‘mommy,’ and I hope with my whole heart that he or she has turned into an incredible man or an amazing woman.

Last but definitely not least, I hope you have enjoyed every little moment, no matter how insignificant they may have seemed at the time.

I’ve always believed Oscar Wilde when he said, “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

It’s the details we tend to remember and cherish, or simply ignore. But it’s these specifics that will change the course of your path, in more ways than one. I’ve always believed we make our own future. So future me, I hope you’ve taken responsibility for your mistakes and credit for your achievements.

Our lives may be messy, but I hope every struggle and obstacle was worth it.

Future me, I have no questions, because I don’t want to know the answers. I don’t know where my life will take me, and I’ve finally realized that’s okay. I’ve learned embracing the unknown is much more enjoyable anyways.

Besides, it lets me sleep at night.

So until then, I’m going to enjoy the ride. Because it’s the journey you’ll remember in the end – not the destination.

Featured image via Ashley Byrd on Unsplash



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