10 Things My Future Children Can Expect From Me

When I envision my future, I see one thing for certain: a big happy family (you can laugh at me if you want). Truly, though, there’s never been a question in my mind as to whether or not I wanted to raise kids of my own one day. My mom did a pretty swell job raising me, and gave me a lot of quality material to work with when it comes to motherhood, too.

I’m 19, and am in no way planning on having kids any time soon (so you can breathe a sigh of relief, Mom). Over the years, however, I’ve accumulated some thoughts on what kind of mother I’d like to be someday. These are the things I want my future children to know:

  1. I will always accept you. I don’t care who you like, or how good (or bad) you are at math, or how many Kidz Bop CDs you ask me to buy. Hell, wear Crocs every day if you want – wear whatever makes you feel most confident. Pierce your nose. There are worse things.
  1. I won’t pry. I’ll try my hardest not to pester you about your homework – even though I’ll ask anyway, because I want you to do the best you can. I know how annoying that can get, so sorry in advance.
  1. As long as you’re honest with me, I’ll cut you some slack. If you tell me the truth (you know, about wanting to stay over that one “friend’s house”), chances are I’ll let you. I’ll appreciate the fact that you feel comfortable enough to be real with me.
  1. I will care too much. I’ll care when you tell me “I don’t get it,” (I promise I’m trying to). I’ll get upset when the time comes that you’re too cool to hang out with your mom. I’ll feel the pain of your first breakup as if it happened to me personally. When you hurt, I will hurt.
  1. I’ll try to be a good cook. Keyword: TRY. I have less than zero cooking skills now, but I’ll do my best to learn. I’ll make up for it by, you know, loving you and clothing you and all that good stuff.
  1. You won’t ever have to question my love for your dad. In a world where divorce is becoming the norm, you won’t have to be afraid that your parents fell out of love, and that it was somehow your fault. Rest easy knowing that when I said “for better or for worse,” I meant it.
  1. I’ll let you learn on your own. Learn that the guy who only calls you at night isn’t the love of your life. Learn that bad things can and will happen to good people, and that life isn’t always fair. Learn that the friends who truly understand you are worth keeping close. These are things that you’ll figure out by yourself.
  1. I’ll be ready with advice when you want it, and give you your space when you don’t. Just know that I probably know more than you’d like to think or admit.
  1. I’ll be immensely proud of you. For your two goals in your soccer game, for killing your viola performance, for sitting next to the new boy at lunch, for standing up for yourself and others. I will be your number one supporter, that much is for sure.
  1.  I’ll raise you in a family that appreciates Disney movies and musicals, road trips and hockey games, warm cups of tea and even warmer hugs. I want to share all of these parts of me with you.

I’m excited to meet you kiddos one day. I’m also scared that I won’t live up to your expectations or mine. I can, however, promise you these ten things though, and for now, I think that’s pretty good.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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