I Had Sex While On My Period And Here’s The Hilarious Ending

Well ladies and gents you are in for a real treat: a conversation that’ll keep you awake and waiting more. LITERALLY. The conversation that’ll change the way you think and the way you act during this week full of cramps, chocolate and the various times you watch The Notebook.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles on dating and relationships because who doesn’t need some refreshing every once in awhile, and I’ve come across a few on the topic of having sex while on your period. Yes.. sex on that week you’re not supposed to have sex. While I was reading these articles they kept talking about wasting time. Wasting valuable time with your loved one, and why you shouldn’t refrain yourself just because you’re bleeding. So, what did I do? I talked to my boyfriend and we decided to give it a try. Now, this is one of my funniest sex stories and this probably won’t happen to you but if it does, just know that you are not alone.

While my boyfriend and I decided this was a good idea, we had a few complications along the way. To start, I wasn’t extremely sure if he was being serious but I went for a shower anyways and everything was fine until he came in, scared me and I fell. What a great start!!

After that encounter we both ended up in the shower but I am taller than him so I was a little disappointed, but my flexibility fixed that problem and away we went. I want to remind all of you that it was very late at night and so we weren’t extremely thinking with our brains at this point and I bent down near the tub spout and had my hair down. Now, while the water was all over my face and I couldn’t see (because my mascara was in my eyes), my hair got wrapped around the sprout and I was trying to untangle it while getting f****d from behind and the best part was that he didn’t even notice.

So that was a great start… but to top it off there was one more embarrassing moment. While I was untangling my hair my head hit the spout and I got a bloody nose. YES A FREAKING BLOODY NOSE. So that was another great experience and not only am I bleeding from one end but now the other end as well. How great is that!

Review: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME… before doing your research and reading this article.

My boyfriend and I are very comical, so we could laugh it off and still have a good time but if this has happened to anyone else (extremely rare but good for you) leave me a comment on this article and tell me all about it.

I hope this didn’t ruin your idea of shower sex because it truly is very exciting and very fun and you need to try it asap- whether you’re on your period or not. Now go over to your boyfriend’s house, surprise him and tell him that you want to spice things up and voila YOU WIN.

A little secret from girl to girl: he’ll love the idea and will want to do it very often so be prepared for a break from the average bed sex and take up a new exciting sexual lifestyle called the shower!

Featured image via Abigail Keenan on Unsplash


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