Love Shouldn’t Hurt: 3 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship

After being in a toxic relationship for almost a year, it’s amazing how easily I can spot them in other people. That being said, it is painful watching people I care about stay in these hurtful situations and completely ignore the signs. Check these signs out to see if you might have fallen into the same trap.

1. You spend more time fighting than you do enjoying each other’s company.

Whether it’s about the little things, like what movie to watch, or the big things, like what school to go to, decisions can’t be made without a fight. While I think arguing and talking things through is a pertinent part of any relationship, fighting about everything is not only unnecessary, but miserable for everyone.

2. Your significant other plays a major part in the decisions that you make (even the small everyday ones).

I understand that communication should happen between both partners when making a decision, especially the major life changing ones. However, when it comes to what color your hair is, who you’re going to be hanging out with, or where to go to dinner, one partner shouldn’t have more power over the other. It’s 2015, people. A woman is not simply a man’s belonging, and vice versa. Don’t compromise your own happiness for something your significant other could possibly get upset over.

3. The reason you’re most likely still involved in the relationship is because you feel like you have to be, not because you want to be.

Maybe you’ve shared some hard times together, or some memories that can never be replaced. Maybe you’ve bonded over such personal things that you don’t share with many other people. Maybe you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into the relationship and you can’t bring yourself to walk away. However, that does not mean you have to stay together. I’m not going to say that ending such a tremendous part of your life will be easy, but then again, nobody ever said life was easy. Sometimes, it’s for the better. Don’t try and chase after what you once had if it simply no longer exists.

Relationships of any kind should be full of communication, love, understanding, and respect. If any of the items above dauntingly remind you of your significant other, you’re probably in store for a lot of pain further down the road. Ending relationships is and always will be hard. Save yourself the heartache. Put yourself first, always. I promise you won’t regret it.

Featured image via Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels



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