7 Pointless Arguments You Always Have With Your Roommates

It sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? You and your four best friends living in a house together…

That was our thought when we finished our first year of college. We couldn’t wait to paint our rooms obnoxious colors that would only be acceptable in a college house. We would drink fruity wine and bake cookies every night like the classy, mature women we all strived to be.

Now about 7 months into our adventure, we have poured ourselves glasses of straight tequila the night before a midterm and ordered the dirtiest, greasiest wings from anywhere and everywhere in our general area.

We bought cookie dough once… and ate the uncooked dough, hammered, at 2 am.

Living with your best friends can bring out the best times, and certainly some of the worst times of your relationships.

  1. The Dishes. The nicest girls will become savages over having to clean a dirty dish. After you have sacrificed your first born to not clean the spaghetti pot, it becomes decided “everyone will clean their dish immediately after they use it.” Spoiler alert: we don’t. We will never immediately clean a dish after it is used.
  1. The “Was I too slutty last night?” The classic morning reflection period after a night out – one of my favorite parts about living with my housemates. What starts as innocently reminiscing on last night’s activities quickly escalades to “Well, was it trashy to make out with him in front of her?” To which the instigator of this fight will reply, “Of course it was!” Then you and her are fighting about the night back in freshman year when she made out with five guys in one night, trying to decide who the real “slut” of the night is.
  1. The Cab Money. Its not that were cheap, but… yeah with rent, tuition and groceries, no one will be the first to cough up the 15 dollars for a cab, and of course no one would ever bring the perfect amount of change to split it up evenly – that would make far too much sense.
  1. The Too Much Honesty. “I respect you too much to tip toe around your feelings…” If you ever witness two people having a conversation that involves anything along those lines, run. Fast and far. This will be brutal.
  1. The Lack of Honesty. Friday rolls around and you realize you have only been to one class so of course it’s your roommate’s fault for saying “no you deserve a day to yourself on Wednesday! Stay in bed and watch Netflix” if they were a real friend they would push you to go to class right? So next week they tell you to stop being a lazy brat and go to your 8:30 am lecture so you can get your life together. (Commence fight #4)
  1. The “Was I too drunk last night?” After a night of holding back her hair and fighting her for her phone to stop her from sending the text that could have ruined everything, she has the balls to ask, “Do you think I drank too much last night?” You take a deep breath, smile and politely yet forcefully say yes, you were too drunk. You swear to yourself that you’ll never help her again, but next Saturday, you find yourself taking the shot you don’t need to take just to keep her from puking.
  1. The Toilet paper. You absolutely refuse to be the one to buy toilet paper for the house next until you’re stranded without toilet paper and using a makeup wipe in replacement. You decide that starting next week you will make a change… oh, and that you are going to buy toilet paper.

No, we don’t have our lives together. And no, we don’t really care. But hey, we’re having fun and maybe, hopefully, we will learn something and at the end of the day. After all, we wouldn’t trade our dirty kitchen and irrational arguments for anything.

Featured image via Noémi Macavei-Katócz on Unsplash


  1. lol this article is too true. pretty sure every one of these applies to my roommates and me, oops…


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