Chronicles Of The Lazy Girl Who Wears Gym Clothes Every Day

We all know the girls (or may even be one of those girls) who only seem to be wearing gym clothes…all of the time. They are rarely caught sporting jeans or even wearing an actual bra. You can count on the fact that those girls know that they are indeed “those girls.” Here’s a peak into the thoughts of that girl in class always looking like she’s about to run to the gym…but actually isn’t.

1. “Ughhh it’s so early…what was I thinking last night when I decided to get up at 6:30 a.m. to actually get ready this morning?”

2. “Snooze button, you are my best friend.”

3. “Ahhh, I’m so glad I decided to sleep in and extra 20 minutes today and throw my hair in a bun instead of actually doing my hair.”

4. “I’m already dressed for the gym so I may as well just go after class, anyway. Just for half an hour.”

5. “YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME did I seriously just start my period? Guess I won’t be going to the gym today…”

6. “Yoga pants are seriously perfect for PMS bloat. Jeans sounds awful right now.”

7. “Sure she looks nice with her skirt and tights and high heels and her make-up all done, but I just know she’s wishing she was as comfortable as I am right now in my Nikes and this baggy tee *side smile*”

8. “I wonder if anyone notices I wore this same tank on Tuesday except in a different color…”

9. “I don’t even care because I’m still comfier than anyone else in this classroom.”

10. “Maybe I should actually come to class after the gym one of these days so it doesn’t look like I just wear these clothes because I’m lazy…”

11. “I totally would’ve worked out today if I wasn’t dying of cramps.”

12. “Let’s be real, I probably wouldn’t have.”

13. “Just thank God for yoga pants.”

14. “Damn, my ass looks AMAZING right now. I wonder how many times I’ve gotten checked out today?”

15. “I love how my aesthetic comes off as the fit and cute girl in class who works out a lot but really I’m just lazy and love to eat burritos.”

16. “Shit the lighting in this room totally makes my pants see-through. What undies am I wearing today? Wait, am I wearing undies today?!”

17. “I hope nobody asks me to go to the gym with them…I don’t know shit.”

18. “Well as least I tried to go to the gym today. I’ll for sure go tomorrow.”

Hail to “those girls” because they’re the smartest ones of them all: less time needed to get ready, still wearing cute clothes, and not putting your body through hell for an hour in a sweaty, smelly gym. Also, hail to yoga pants for being our best friend during that time of the month. And to anyone who thinks differently, you’re wrong.

Featured image via Connor Gardenhire on Pexels



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