100 Fun Bucket List Ideas For This Summer

Now that exam season is (almost) over, it’s time to enjoy the summer. The weather’s getting better, and there are tons of activities to do as well. If you’re searching for ideas for your summer bucket list, Unwritten has you covered.

Here are 100 of them for your new bucket list: 

1. Go to an amusement park with friends 

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2. Go to an outdoor theatre 

3. Go to a musical festival 

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4. Visit a national park 

5. Travel to a new country

6. Make some s’mores while camping 

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7. Go to the beach 

8. Explore downtown in a nearby city 

9. Visit a museum 

10. Try a new ice cream shop 

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11. Go swimming 

12. Go on a road trip with friends

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13. Stay overnight at a hotel with friends 

14. Binge new movies 

15. Get a summer job 

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16. Volunteer at your fave organization 

17. Make popsicles 

18. Try new snacks 

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19. Walk around downtown 

20. Go on a spa date 

21. Try bubble tea 

22. Try a new restaurant 

23. Have a water balloon fight 

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24. Go bowling 

25. Try kayaking 

26. Try skydiving 

27. Learn to fly a plane 

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28. Buy new clothes

29. Learn to sew 

30. Start a new hobby 

31. Try new recipes 

32. Read two new books 

33. Go on a train (not the subway)

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34. Make a small garden 

35. Go star-gazing 

36. Learn to BBQ 

37. Spend a day without technology 

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38. Go skylining 

39. Go berry-picking 

40. Attend a parade 

41. Go wine-tasting 

42. Go to a basketball game 

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43. Make fruit punch 

44. Go to a farmer’s market 

45. Watch fireworks 

46. Sleep under the stars 

47. Learn to skateboard 

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48. Attend a musical 

49. Try new food trucks

50. Visit two airports

51. Get into crafts

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52. Visit a famous tourist attraction 

53. Go on a cruise 

54. Visit a farm 

55. Bike around your city 

56. Watch the sunset 

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57. Take polaroid pictures

58. Host late-night parties with friends 

59. Go to a film festival 

60. Go to a ribfest

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61. Sleep in a log cabin 

62. Go with a friend for weekend brunch 

63. Go to a weekend festival 

64. Learn archery 

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65. Go to a cottage 

66. Learn frisbee

67. Go to an arcade 

68. Make snow cones 

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69. Eat funnel cake 

70. Visit a lighthouse 

71. Go rock climbing 

72. Watch a race at a racetrack 

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73. Bake a cake 

74. Make lemonade 

75. Start a blog 

76. Try a new fro-yo flavor

77. Make a chocolate shake 

78. Go river tubing 

79. Go mountain biking 

80. Go on a hot air balloon 

81. Learn aerial dance 

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82. Have a girl’s night at a dessert place

83. Plan a karaoke night 

84. Try salt therapy 

85. Read a new magazine 

86. Join a community group 

87. Organize a community event 

88. Try a new video game 

89. Try a game on Facebook 

90. Take a bartending class

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91. Take a cheerleading class 

92. Join a meetup

93. Cook a meal for a friend

94. Go to a fair 

95. Go to a conference 

96. Explore a cave 

97. Try vanlife

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98. Go to a new gym

99. Explore a new college campus 

100. Learn how to make sorbet

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There you have it – some bucket list ideas. We hope you enjoy them. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image via Selin Florio on Pexels



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