Honesty is the Best Policy: Legging Season

Let’s be honest. Despite what the weatherman says, the climate from October until March in this “Livable Community” is less predictable than the bouncers at Bentley’s. Will it rain, snow, sleet, or be 90 degrees today? No idea. Will Bentley’s reject me today even though I’m actually 21? No idea. It’s infuriating. But thankfully, the girls of College Park have a way to stay on top of the situation thanks to fall’s arrival of leggings season.

With such a high level of uncertainty, it’s imperative that us Lady Terps have an always acceptable, always trendy go-to pants option (and by pants, I mean leggings). Leggings help us overcome an otherwise uphill battle; they appease the bouncers at Bentley’s so we get let in, and they’re the safest, trendiest and always appropriate (business casual included) option for the nonsensical weather patterns, among other reasons.

Leggings Rock Because Real Pants Suck. Shorts Too. 

Jeans, sweatpants and whatever other options that you thought would be perfect for fall, winter and spring aren’t the go-to. Honestly, what happens when you’re hoofing it across campus and the heavens open up?  You’re drenched in a miserable fabric.

Not to mention trying to create an outfit that matches when you’re hung-over or in a scramble to get to class (UGH nearly impossible).  Yoga pants are out too, because you have to bunch them up just right so they’ll fit into your boots. Who has the time or patience for that crap? No one.

For those of you who, for reasons completely unknown, are contemplating shorts, newsflash: they aren’t the go-to either. It’s not summer anymore. And they require planning, which is impossible given this ridiculous weather. So, obviously, every girl has a minimum of multiple pairs of leggings.

Perfect for Everyone: Dude Terps and Lady Terps Honestly Agree

Now that we’ve successfully eliminated our other pants options, let’s further legitimize legging-wearing by recognizing that they’re good for the entire community — GDIs, Athletes, Nerds, Greeks and Normal People included. The men and women of College Park have a tendency to disagree on a variety of matters, but when it comes to leggings, we’re on the same page. For the ladies, they’re great because we get to show off our magical, perfectly fitting, trendy and always-appropriate pair of pants (ehm…butt). For the dudes (all bouncers included), they get to enjoy our magical, perfectly fitting, trendy and always-appropriate (ehhhm….butt).

So ladies, wear your leggings with pride. It’s the smartest decision you’ll make today, and the community will love you for it. ‘Tis the season. Legging season.

Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash


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