10 Things You Need To Have On Hand For A One-Night Stand

A.K.A. what you need to keep in your bag for your next Tinder date

Being single comes with its perks, and its challenges. The feeling of being ‘young, wild, and free’ is truly amazing. Enabling you to basically do whatever you want whenever you want, without any commitment or consequences. But, if you are a single girl without any sort of “almost-relationship” or hook up buddy, one thing can be unbearable: the longing for sex. It is perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of; a girl has needs after all. But as the days turns into weeks and weeks turns into months, you start finding yourself in the dreaded drought, so it is perfectly allowed to take action. Whether you prefer to swipe away on tinder, dance with strangers in the club, or get set up on dates, there is nothing wrong with an old-fashioned one-night stand.

But, if you have ever woken up in a stranger’s apartment with last night’s makeup smeared all over your face with no idea how to get back home, you know the pain of wishing you had brought a few more stuff with you in your bag. So, for the next time you are on a little tinder-adventure hoping to get lucky, remember to bring these little items with you. Because there is no shame in going in prepared.

1. Condoms

Because safe sex is everything. Do not fall into the trap of having unprotected sex because “he doesn’t have any condoms.” Always carry a few in your bag, keeping you safe from unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

2. Hair Brush

Even though some people can pull of the sexy bed-hair look, for most a small hair brush like a tangle teezer will be your lifesaver waking up the next morning. Comb through and tame those tangles, drag your hair back and put it all in a ponytail or bun.

3. Hair Tie

Because you probably can’t make a hairdo without one.

4. Makeup Wipes

Going out on the town with a full face of glam makeup is all fun and games…until you wake up the next morning with crusty mascara and an awful breakout because you left it on through the night. By keeping a pack of makeup wipes in your bag, that won’t ever happen again, and you can feel (somewhat) fresh and clean when you’re leaving in the morning.

5. Concealer

Even though the makeup wipes do wonders to make your skin clean and fresh in the morning, you might have a few spots and under eye circles you want to cover up. Bring a lightweight concealer which you can easily apply and smooth out with your fingers.

6. Lip balm

Finish off your glamorous “the morning after my one-night stand” look with some seriously moisturizing lip balm. After a full night of boozy drinks and hardcore make out sessions, your lips are probably screaming for some moisture. Use one that is slightly tinted to bring life back to your lips and cheeks.

7. Panties

Self-explanatory. It’s always nice to put on a new clean pair of panties after a wild night of crazy sex.

8. Chewing gum

Bringing a tooth-brush might be a bit too much (but hey, go for it if you want to!), so a piece of chewing gum can be the perfect item to refresh your breath.

9. Phone charger

Preferably portable, but at least some kind of charger. Yes we are sadly living in an age where we are completely lost without our smartphones. So if everyone has one, why should you bring your own charger? Because you might end up hooking up with someone who has a (God forbid) different phone from you. And trust me, you will need your phone to check your location and order an Uber home.

10. Flats

Because no one likes walking home from a one-night stand in heels or barefoot at 10 AM on a Sunday morning. Bring a pair of foldable ballerinas or something similar that will literally take up no space. You will be thankful on your way home.

And most importantly of all – remember to have fun! Enjoy your single life perks, and be as sexual and experimental as you want to. And as for the so-called “walk of shame” the morning after? Embrace it! As long as the sex is safe and consensual, there is nothing shameful about it, and there is certainly nothing stopping you. Good luck, and have fun!

Featured image via Burst on Pexels


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