22 Things You Realize By 22

Every year, Cinco de Mayo brings with it another birthday for me, and every year I seem to have learned something new about growing up and figuring “it” out. This year, I took that long-dreaded plunge from the ever-exciting 21st birthday to the less-than-thrilling 22nd. While I’m still trying to find the answers to most of life’s big questions (What is my purpose? What master’s degree should I get? How many trips to Taco Bell is too many?), I think I have at least 22 truths memorized by now.

1. If your boyfriend thinks you need to lose weight, find a new boyfriend – preferably one who brings you donuts – immediately.

2. Life will rarely turn out the way you planned it. Enjoy the changes along the way.

3. Working hard is important. Vacations are important, too. Make the time to take one every now and then and watch your mindset drastically improve.

4. You are worth more than the size of your skinny jeans.

5. You are worth more than your GPA.

6. You don’t have to be perfect. I promise, no one else is expecting it of you but yourself.

7. Diets don’t work. But a lifestyle change for the right reasons (to be healthier and stronger) does.

8. Listen to your mom. She knows way more than you might think.

9. Take a LOT of pictures. You might be that annoying girl with her iPhone always out now, but you’ll be the girl with memories to look back on later.

10. Social media cleanses are good for the soul once in a while.

11. Do more yoga.

12. Life is too short to look in the mirror every morning and list your faults. Love yourself more often.

13. When in doubt, Pinterest. It has the answer for everything. Really.

14. Buy One Get One half-off sales are a scam. Don’t be tricked!

15. Binge watching shows on Netflix is always, always the right decision.

16. If your heart is broken, order a pizza, and find a puppy to cuddle with immediately.

17. New Year’s resolutions were made to be broken, but are good to make anyway.

18. Shopping is always okay if it’s shopping for work clothes.

19. Treadmills are the devil. Avoid them AT. ALL. COSTS.

20. If your jeans are tight, I suggest putting on leggings instead. (I’m also wondering why you are wearing jeans in the first place.)

21. Saturdays are fleeting. Appreciate them deeply.

22. It’s okay to be 22 and not have everything figured out. Be patient and gentle with yourself; you’ll get there.

If you can’t remember the whole list, at least hold onto number 22. It’s ok to still be figuring out this crazy life – I know I am. Once you’re really “in your twenties” (it still sounds strange to me), your only goal should be to take things slow and allow yourself to make mistakes, to remember this list when you need some advice and, of course, when all else fails, ask yourself: “What would Beyoncé do?”

Featured image via Dalila Dalprat on Pexels



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