15 Fun Outdoor Activities For You And Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs also need to be happy. They are our best friends, and fun activities are the best way to reward their loyalty. Fun activities can also allow us to bond and strengthen our relationship with our fluffy friends. The fun activities can also allow for training the dog in different environments. Activities such as hiking can also help your fluffy friend to be fit. Below are the top 15 fun activities for your dog.

1. Go to the Dog Park 

Dogs love dog parks because they meet other dogs and play. Your dog can interact with other pups and make new friends. You can schedule play dates with other dog owners if you don’t want to go alone. However, there is no problem if you are alone because you can control the interactions with new dogs. Don’t let your dog off the leash unless you feel it’s safe.

2. Go Swimming

Your dog can swim in a river, beach or lake. Most dogs know how to swim, but giving them a floating device for safety is better. Ensure you supervise the dog and give them fresh water to prevent drinking water while swimming. Note that some dogs are not natural swimmers and may require training. Provide dog life jackets to enhance their confidence. 

3. Enjoy a Picnic

A picnic is best if you can’t find a pet-friendly restaurant. Remember to carry a large blanket that covers you two. Pack some dog-safe foods that you can share. Keep your dog busy as you head to your picnic because they may be too excited and fail to relax. It’s recommended that you walk your dog to the picnic.

4. Throw a Puppy Party

Does your dog have friends in the neighborhood? A puppy party gives your dog a chance to play with its friends and also allows you to interact with other owners. Ensure there are enough toys for the dogs. You can talk to other dog owners over BBQ. Share your memorable experiences with your dogs, and keep away from hazardous items such as onions and chicken bones. 

5. Take Dog Training Classes

You can get outdoor obedience classes in some summer schools. You can enjoy the weather and train your dog with the many distractions that school offers. The training classes provide new ways to play with dogs, dock diving and disc dog. Such training sessions can boost your bond as you work together.

6. Try a Pet Portrait Session

Summer is the best time for a portrait session because of the beautiful backdrop. You can look for a friend to help you with the picture. Set your phone or camera on the burst to avoid missing a thing. Also, avoid the ugly of the midday sun. Dress up your pet for the occasion and ensure that they have fun. Use treats to hold the dog’s interest and go somewhere familiar.

7. Go on Scenic Hikes

Many state parks allow dogs on the trails. You can find dog-friendly parks in your state on the Internet. Keep the dog on a leash when going for hikes because there are many hikers, horses and bikes. Look for places that are friendly to paws too. 

8. Overnight Camping

Camping should not be for humans only. Dogs can use the refreshing breeze of camping too. Give your dog some fresh air by taking him on a nature camping trip. Buy a camp towel and brush to keep the dog clean. Dogs can mess up the camping tent if they are not groomed. Buy pet accessories like food, dog hat, collar and leash, toys and treats. 

9. Play Frisbee

Your fluffy friend will love playing with the disc if he loves playing ball. The frisbee offers the best exercise for your dog. Note that this exercise requires a lot of jumping, and you should play in areas without obstacles. You should also start with light exercises before going to rigorous ones. 

10. Play Fetch

Fetch can improve your dog’s mood and behavior. A tired dog won’t create trouble, and many large breeds require these exercises. Dogs love playing fetch; no wonder they wag their tails when playing the game. 

The game strengthens your relationship because you play with each other. The game helps boost your dog’s trust and is less likely to create mischief. 

11. Drive-in Movie

A drive-in movie is a great summer activity for your dog. You can have quality time with your fluffy friend while you rub his belly to show affection. Dogs also love movies, and you will find many people with their dogs in the drive-in theatre. 

12. Gardening

Gardening is a hobby that many families enjoy during summer. There are many summer veggies and fruits you can plant with your dog. You can plant dog-friendly vegetables, such as carrots, kale, spinach, cauliflower and green beans. Pick up your gardening tools and allow the dog to have fun in the backyard as you plant some healthy vegetables. Your dog can help dig some holes. 

13. Enjoy a Day on The Beach/Lake

The beach is the best place to have a perfect day with perfect weather. Soak up in the sun and get some cool breeze while your fluffy friend enjoys new smells. Who knows, maybe he can make new doggie friends. Bring treats and an umbrella to shade your dog when it gets too hot.

14. Summer Art

Art made by your dog is better than any other art. Your dog’s paw is unique and can make the best art. All you need is pet-friendly paint to make a special print that you can keep for years. You can also use the rocks in your garden to enhance the art piece. 

15. Give Them a Haircut

Does your dog require trimming due to warm weather? This is the best chance to groom your dog while you bond. It’s also okay if you take him to the groomer.

There are endless fun activities you can do with your dog. Find one that fits you and the fluffy, and enjoy your day. Just ensure that you buy pet accessories for your dog.

Photo by Trinity Kubassek on Pexels


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