4 Pinterest-Inspired Nail Art Ideas That Are Actually Doable (We Swear)

Every time I try to paint my nails it looks like a kindergartner spilled paint all over my hands. I wish that was an exaggeration, but it’s really not. (Tip: line your nails with Vaseline or Elmers glue before paining them, as you can simply scrape it, and any paint that has missed your nails, right off!)

Beautiful nails are highly desirable but are typically difficult to do yourself and expensive to pay for. A gel manicure can be upwards of $20 without tip! That money should go towards more important and necessary purchases such as late-night pizza during finals season. Instead of shelling out money to pay someone else to do your nails or struggling to give your nails an artsy look, use these designs from the web and Instagram accounts for tons of easy, fun, and pretty ideas.

1. Polka Dots

This article has some amazing ideas for nail art, including using bobby pins to create large polka dots or Bandaids with smaller holes in them to make smaller dots. You can mix up the dots colors or keep them uniform, either one is more exciting than plain nails.

  1. Simply cut the band-aid and place it on your already painted nails, and then paint over the holes with your polka dot color choice. Let the paint dry slightly before taking the band-aid off.
  2. Using a bobby pin yields larger polka dots, and you can use them to create a different pattern on your nails. Gold with black dots would look amazing, as would a colored ombre look!

2. Textured Nails

You can use powder or glitter to give your nails a unique texture. Flocking powder is pulverized wool or felt used in craft projects to create texture, and is amazing for creating a velvety nail look. You can buy both at most craft stores. Simply paint your nails and add glitter or powder before they dry, and you may have to press the textures down to set.

3. Sharpie Designs

By using a Sharpie you can create any design you want, simply draw onto your painted nails. Gold Sharpies look especially classy, and the best part is if you mess up the Sharpie with rubbing alcohol before you apply your top-coat, which leaves your base color intact. You can draw hearts, lines, doodles, words, whatever you want. This technique is so easy and seriously anyone can do it.

4. Tape Designs

Tape can be used to create straight lines on your nails, or to separate your nails into different colors. There are tons of ways to use it. For example, you can use it to create sections or lines, both are classy looks. Simply wait until each section is dry before adding the next.

While there are many Instagram nail art accounts that promote the magic of marble water nails, which is way too complicated for me, these nail art ideas are simple and yet give your nails the classy but cool look every girl wants. So long as you can paint a base coat, or you have a friend that can, these designs are doable and loveable!

Featured image via Flora Westbrook on Pexels


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