12 College Hook Up Experiences We’ve All Had With Our Roommates

Going away to college is a blast because the world is at your fingertips. You meet a ton of awesome people who eventually could become your roommates, while some become a potential friend with benefits or one night stand. And because you live with your besties, they’ll know all about it, and you’ll know all about it when they hook up too.

Every group of roommates experience the same thing when it comes to hooking up in college when living with other people.

  1. Waking up in with someone in your bed with instant regret from the night before, thinking what your roommates will say.

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  1. Wondering where your friend went last night and finding her the next morning.

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  1. Anytime you come home from hanging out with someone new, particularly of the other gender, your roommate is questioning you like..

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So you gotta play it coy.

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  1. When the whole house is on a dry spell so you create a plan over dinner one night so all of you can get some.

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  1. When you’re out as a group and someone wants to approach a potential hook up but you’re sober enough to see how ugly and trashy he really is.

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  1. Seeing your roomie and asking why a boy was over last night.

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  1. Discovering your friend is still hooking up with the guy who broke her heart and not being impressed because now you know she’s still not over him.

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  1. Finding out that your new friend is sleeping with, or already has slept with someone you know…

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  1. Trying to get your roommates attention so you can ask them about sex stuff.

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  1. Checking your friend’s new Tinder match and approving her to get the D.

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  1. Getting interrupted by someone wanting to get food, constantly.

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  1. Celebrating collectively when someone in the house gets some good dick for once.

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College can be fun for many reasons, but having the freedom to hook up with whoever and share all the juicy details with your roommates before or after having sex is fun. You can be totally open and never have to worry about any judgement. Plus, they can relate because the same stuff happens to them too.

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