How To Truly Make The Most Out Of Your Last Year In College  

Looking back, I can say with complete honesty that my years in university were some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I graduated with an Honors Degree in English Language and Literature, minoring in Women and Gender Studies, and I am currently completing a one-year graduate certificate program in college, in which I am studying Public Relations.

When I first began my university education, I was rather apprehensive towards the change in not only academia as compared to high school, but further the change regarding social interactions with my classmates and the overall atmosphere of university. I graduated from grade twelve with roughly 400 students, and I entered a new realm of school accompanied by approximately 18,000 students.

Quite a drastic change.

I was certainly timid when I entered my first year of university. I was sharing a room with a good friend of mine, a girl I have known for several years, and having someone to go through such a tremendous change with me was undoubtedly beneficial. She and I lived together throughout the four years we spent at university, and I can credit her presence for making my university years that much more enjoyable. Roommates changed as the years progressed, and some of these roommates I met along the way will be, I am positive, lifelong friends.

Friendship is something I want to emphasize in regards to how to make the most out of your final year of college. The people you choose to spend time with throughout your college years are bound to influence your overall college experience in one way or another; therefore securing friendships with individuals who benefit you and your life are absolutely crucial in your final year of school. It is probable that those you sustain friendships with during your final year of school with remain present in your life as friends for years after you graduate, so to make the most of your last year, be sure to dedicate effort and time to the friendships that matter most.

Another way to ensure you’re making the most out of your final year at school is to participate in activities that your school offers that you have yet to experience. It is far too easy to promise yourself that eventually, you’re going to partake in something that interests you that your school offers, for example, a club or an event, only to find that you have graduated before you ever actually followed through with your promise. Your years in college fly by far faster than you will likely anticipate, therefore if something catches your eye or sparks your interest, and you have been meaning to check it out for a while, make a commitment that you will do so in your final year. Looking back, there are things I wish I had participated in at my own school when I was in my final year, so make the most of your own year and do the things you have been meaning to do before time runs out.

College may only happen once for you. Make it memorable and allow yourself to grow as a person in the process.

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