To The Friend Who Was Only There When It Was Convenient

Dear convenience friend,

Hi. It’s me, the girl you used to call when your boyfriend was with mine. The girl you used to update with every little detail about your life. The girl you used to call your “best friend forever.” Do you remember her? If you do, it’s a surprise, because all of these “used to” chats, hangouts and silly drunk moments were daily encounters and now we don’t speak at all.

So what happened?

Convenience friend, you meant more to me than I ever expected. I’m ready to face the fact that I was only in your life because I was convenient. We had nothing in common, besides our boyfriends were best friends. Ever since I’ve been out of that, you haven’t spoken a single word to me. How have I been? Where have I been? Am I okay? But, maybe I am just as guilty.

The reality is, you choose a side. I was the newbie in the group, the one you silently asked yourself “I wonder how long she will last?”. Well, now you have it. I didn’t. I left him, you stayed in the group, but you really didn’t care about what happened to me at all. You don’t know my story – and that’s a shame.

I am well. I am very happy. I am making it out here. I know you’re doing well, I know you are happy, I know you never really needed me in your life.

Convenience friend, next time you’re laughing with your new best friend about a forever kind of thing, just think of me.

Featured Image via Unsplash.


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