4 Steps To Achieving That Plus Size Confidence & Loving Yourself

Since I was a child I know I wasn’t a traditional head-turner. I had a plump physique, and my peers always ridiculed me for my plus size shape. I didn’t expect people to ever love my appearance and all. Even though I had a pretty face, my build seemed to overshadow the rest of my beauty. I used to laugh with my bullies, but deep inside, I knew that they had hurt me.

Sometimes I ask why I can’t just be one of those people who eats a lot but never gains weight. But even though I tried everything I could to lose weight, I eventually realized that I should simply learn to love myself and my plus size body. If you’re struggling to embrace your plus size body, here are four tips that can help you develop body positivity:

1. Acknowledge your feelings of insecurity.

Oftentimes we deny our body insecurities or comparisons when we feel that our emotions are invalid. We worry that we don’t appreciate everything our bodies do for us. But the truth is that we need to feel insecure in order to become body positive. Why? Because recognizing that we’re insecure is the first step towards learning to love those insecurities.

2. Turn your insecurities into motivation.

After we think about those ugly feelings we have towards or bodies, let’s let them motivate us to change. When we’re insecure, we should work to counteract our harsh feelings. Let’s turn our perceived flaws into motivation to focus on how beautiful they make us and everything they allow us to accomplish.

3. Remind yourself that beauty is not skin-deep, but rather soul-deep.

It may seem cliché to say that true beauty lies within, but it’s a fact. Of course, being conventionally attractive is advantageous, but how do your looks help you if you’re rude to other people? Will your body’s appearance save you from the guilt and shame you feel? And when you die, will people really remember you for your body, or will they look back on your kind heart? Outer beauty never trumps personality because beauty is personality.

4. Know that every imperfection has a purpose.

We are not created perfectly, but it’s important to see our imperfections as blessings. Our flaws make us who we are and even give us stories to share with the world. Embracing our imperfections can not only change our lives, but they can change others’ lives, too, and that’s powerful. We appreciate the beautiful things that we possess. Furthermore, they make us strive for better things. They teach us the art of making ourselves even better. The art of changing ourselves without the bitterness.

Even though our society has such strict beauty standards, let’s love our plus size bodies anyway. Let’s learn to be happy with how we look and teach ourselves not to change anything about our appearances. After all, loving ourselves first is where our true beauty lies.

Previously Published on Thought Catalog

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