8 Shameless Things You Do When Your Roommates Aren’t Home

Roommates rock. You get to have that 24/7 sleepover just like your ten year old self has always dreamed of. You and your roomies can get dressed up and go out, or sit in your sweats on the couch – either way, it’ll be fun because you’re basically living with your best friends. Sometimes, no matter how great your roomies are though, you really just need some time to yourself. When your roommate(s) are away, for a few hours or a few weeks, you suddenly find yourself with free rein of the place. Here are a few things that can happen when you find yourself home alone.

  1. Walk around naked

Who needs clothes? You don’t need clothes! You do, though, need to make sure you remember to close the blinds, unless you want the neighbors get a free show.

2. Leave dirty dishes in the sink for days on end

Only you are around to bear witness to your laziness and shame.

3. Leave your clothes in every single part of the apartment/house

Clean up after myself? No thanks.


4.Talk to yourself. Out loud. Sometimes you mysteriously develop an accent or two.

This isn’t weird. Someone tell me this isn’t weird. I mean, you’ve got to converse with someone when the roomies are gone, right?


5. Eat all your favorite foods that he/she doesn’t like (because obviously you and your roomie are so close you eat all your meals together)

You’re the only one in the house, why not?

6.Order a large pizza just for yourself and eat it for three days straight

This is a very economical plan, when you think about it.

7. Suddenly become scared of the dark again

You also become acutely aware of juuuust how many rooms are in your house (it’s a lot). And every single noise that happens when it gets dark (there’s a lot of these too). It’s okay, nobody’s there to judge you for running into your room and hiding under the blankets.


8. Got any communal food? It’s alllll yours now!

The milk belongs to you and you alone.

When your roommates are gone, out too are the common house rules with them. Manners, cleanliness, and even clothes are no longer necessary. I think we can all agree it can be fun to live like this – occasionally. It’s also a small reminder of exactly why we love our roommates so much. Our roommates keep us sane, entertained, accountable, and clothed. Sure, you may not always agree on everything (you paid for dinner last time, you swear!), and sometimes you get on each other’s nerves. But, when it comes down to it, you wouldn’t trade your roomies for anything.

Featured image via Sam Lion on Pexels



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