11 Amazing Things About Dating A Strong Minded Woman

Aside from the fact that a strong-minded woman is comfortable in her own skin and confident in herself, she has are plenty of lovable qualities. These qualities often go unnoticed, or they may intimidate men (whatever that’s supposed to mean), but strong women literally are the best kind of women to date, despite their bad reputation and the misconceptions about them. Here are 11 of the best things about dating a strong-minded woman:

  1. She Tells It How It Is

You won’t have to question her as much as she might question you. You’ll always know her opinions or feelings, and she won’t hide them with a timid excuse. You should always appreciate her honesty.

  1. She Doesn’t Play Games

You won’t usually see a strong woman play mind games or use strategic moves to get in your head. She doesn’t like them when others use them,so she won’t play in return. See number one for reassurance on why she won’t play games.

  1. She’s Secure In Herself

A strong woman knows when she’s in the wrong or has been “off,” and she will apologize when she’s ready to talk about the situation. She knows herself well and isn’t ashamed to slip up every now and then.

  1. She Is Passionate In Every Sense

From discussions to kisses and actions, a strong woman will blow your mind and create a lot of positive influence in your life because of her passion.

  1. She’ll Embrace Your Unique Qualities

As a strong woman, she’s unique, too, so she’ll always appreciate what makes you special. You’ll never have to pretend to be someone else around her.

  1. She Is Independent

A strong woman has her own life and does not always need to be with someone else to feel validated or be able to do things. She keeps you in her life because she wants you, not because she needs you.

  1. She’s Intuitive

A strong woman is good at reading people, so if she gets the vibe that you’re not in a good mood or you need space, she’ll give you what you need and more than likely wait for you to come to her, so you can work it out.

  1. She’s Generous

A strong woman is generous with time, money, and even with herself. She’ll give you her all because of her strong passion and big heart. You’ll never feel more wanted by anyone else.

  1. The Small Things Matter to Her

Because she’s slightly detail-oriented, from planning outings to noticing those little things about you, a strong woman will always take your needs into consideration, whether it’s protecting your feelings or making sure your tie looks great.

  1. She Has Your Back

Because of her empowered attitude, loyalty comes naturally for a strong, confident woman. She won’t give up easily unless she knows there’s nothing worth fighting for.

  1. She Will Give You The Most Unforgettable Love You’ve Ever Had

Because her love is so strong and unique, a strong woman will give you the most powerful love you’ve ever had.

If you ever lose a strong woman, you’d better be sure to remember her for the unique kind of relationship you had and the woman she was. She’s far from any kind of woman you’ve ever had, and chances are, you will never find another one like her, so hold onto a strong woman dearly. She’s the best you’ll ever have.

Featured Image via Andrew Worley on Unsplash


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