House Parties vs Clubs: Which Is Really Worth Your Time

Do you remember being in senior year and completely “over” the party scene? You couldn’t wait to get to college and use that clever fake ID of yours to get into the clubs. Fast forward a few years later, and you’re probably over the club scene and you find yourself longing for the house party days. Realistically, pre-gaming is always the actual party when it comes to clubs (if you even make it out). Here are seven difference between house parties & clubbing:

  1. Host
    House parties can get awkward if you don’t know the host, and there’s not as many people. Maybe you were brought as a plus one or it’s a friend of a friend’s party. This can get awkward real fast. At the clubs, the bartender is your host and there’s never a dull moment. Everyone is drunk, and everyone is your new BFFL.
    Winner: Clubs
  2. Dress Code
    Unless this is some high-class house party, there’s literally no dress code – you can just chill. I remember going to a house party in leggings and Uggs and not giving a f*ck because I knew I would just be playing beer pong all night with the girls. No matter how chill a club is, some effort has to be put in.
    Winner: House Parties
  3. Money
    House Parties involve a trip to liquor store and some juice. If you’re lucky enough for it to be a friend’s house, you don’t even need money for cabs or food. Clubs require money for cover, pre-drinks, drinks at the bar, coat check, cabs, and drunk food. I think we can see who the real winner is here.
    Winner: House Parties
  4. Music
    This can be a make or break when it comes to a party. With house parties, you get more options to listen to music of your liking and you can always change it when you’re not about the music. At the clubs, you’re stuck with a DJ and this can either be the best or the worst thing depending on if your music taste matches the DJ. If you’re like me and love rap/hip hop and get stuck at a club that’s only playing EDM – it can ruin your good vibes.
    Winner: House Parties
  5. People / Hook Up Potential
    This is a toss-up, if you’re feeling a chill friends kind of night – house parties are your go-to. If you’re in the mood to meet new people, get lost in a sea of people, and meet potential hook ups – the club is your playground.
    Winner: Clubs
  6. Drunk Food
    The only thing you’re probably looking for after a night out is food, and we all know that food tastes 100% better when eaten drunk. If you’re at a club, you’re more likely to have more options since you’re already in a crowded downtown area. If the house party is in the suburbs or a residential area, it’s a trek and a half for you to get this food if anything is open. There is always delivery if they even agree to do it but drunk you is not sober and patient, drunk you wants food now.
    Winner: Clubs
  7. Getting Home
    Depending on whose house you’re at, you can just crash there if you’re either too drunk or too cheap to pay for a cab. Unfortunately, the bouncer at the clubs will be yelling “You don’t have to go home but you got to get the f*ck out of here as soon as their shift is done.
    Winner: House Parties

House parties seem to come up as the winner, but it was a close one. House parties are more chill while clubs will get you riled up and in a dancing mood. At the end of the day, it all just depends on your mood and what you’re feeling. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably over the party scene and just want to stay in all night to “Netflix & Chill” and that’s okay. It’s probably good to get out and be social once in a while though, in whatever way you choose to.

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