20 Ridiculous Things We’ve All Done To Get Away With Underage Drinking

Believe it or not, there was once a time when we could not order our own beer at the bar. We all waited faithfully for that big birthday, the amazing TWO-ONE, where we could get legally shwasted on a nighttime bar crawl with our friends after stuffing our faces with birthday cake. A time when boys will still disappoint you, but your bottle of wine (that you bought yourself) wouldn’t. But, until then, us underage young adults have had to do things a little bit differently when it comes to getting drunk…

Here are 20 things we’ve all done to get away with drinking underage:

1. Hid full handles of vodka in our closets. 

2. Put alcohol in empty water bottles (and then accidentally drank it thinking it was water).

3. Smuggled alcohol in your purse/bag.

4. Told your parents you were sleeping at your friend’s house, but really the two of you were at a house party.

5. Bought funny gadgets (i.e. tampon flasks) to hide your alcohol in.

6. Parked your car a million miles away just so neighbors wouldn’t see that your friend is having an underage party. 

7. Asked your siblings/friends to pick you up from a party so you wouldn’t have to drive your car.

8. ”Do you think we can drink at your house?” “My parents are home, but we could sneak it into the basement.”

9. Waited for the cool, laid-back desk attendant of your building who doesn’t check bags so you could sneak your beer into your dorm. 

10. Changed your Facebook names to something ridiculous senior year so that colleges won’t see all of your dirty red solo cup photos. 

11. Purposely set your Facebook to let you approve tags, just in case there was any alcohol in the pictures. 

12. Put on your most adult outfits for a night out so that you don’t get carded.

13. Bought a fake ID, standard procedure. 

14. Went to sketchy liquor stores that either don’t card or don’t care.

15. Went to really crowded bars and had your older friends ask for a round of shots, that way you could just subtly take one and blend in. 

16. Slept on dirty floors and hard couches because you couldn’t drive home, even after one drink.

17. Removed all alcohol from the fridge/mini fridge in your apartment before your RA did room checks. 

18. Befriended your RA.

19. Went to BYOB restaurants. 

20. Went out on a limb and asked your parents for alcohol. SO RISKY.

Thank you, alcohol, for being there for us even before we could legally purchase you with our own IDs. Think about how much trouble we went through just to get kegs from cars into houses without being noticed. Being 21 definitely isn’t all fun and games, and bars are way too expensive. I think I’m gonna miss the thrill of filling water bottles with vodka and house-party hopping when you think the cops arrive. But hey, at least I can enjoy going out with my friends and not having to worry about how we’re going to get alcohol.

Featured image via screengrab of Superbad.



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