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To The Mom Who Attacked A Childless Millennial At Disney World

From killing the paper industry to the droves of avocado toast, I didn’t think millennials could...

Let’s Stop Whining About Kamala Harris’ ‘That Little Girl Was Me’ T-Shirts

It’s not an easy Presidential race, y’all (and it arguably never was).  In...
white chicks 2

Is ‘White Chicks 2’ Actually Happening?

It’s time for White Chicks to make a comeback and, in the words of Marcus Copeland, “Triple...

Demi Burnett Becomes The Bachelor Franchise’s Queer Queen

The Bachelor franchise is about finding love in ways you don’t expect! Furthermore, there's always something new spicing...

Is Our Society Oversensitive These Days?

Are we over sensitive as a society these days? I think yes and no. Let me explain.

The Internet Is Having A Heyday With This ‘Area 51’ Mess

Houston, we may have a problem.  Indeed, almost 1.5 million people have signed...

Why You Need to Delete The FaceApp App Immediately

It's no surprise that the latest social media trend, the #FaceAppChallenge, has swept the Internet and gained...

Gender Neutral Nickname Ideas for the People You Love

Here are all the nickname ideas you need that aren't gendered.

Here’s All The Tea On The Blink 182 And Lil Wayne Tour Drama

Last night, Blink 182 fans ended up extremely disappointed and enraged after Lil Wayne, an opening act...

Ed Sheeran’s New EP Filled With Collaborations Just Dropped!

Ed Sheeran's new EP "No.6 Collaborations Project" dropped today! It's his newest venture,...

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