8 Types Of Friendships You’ll Have Throughout Your Life

During our lifetime, we will come across a number of different people. Some of these people will stay by our side through thick and thin, while others will become mere memories. I think there are a number of specific friendships that we inevitably develop from our early childhood to our adulthood that we can all relate to. These are the eight types of friends that you might already have in your life or that you have yet to meet in the near future.

1. The Childhood Friend

Friendships from your childhood are precious. I have known my oldest friend for more than 15 years, and we still catch up over coffee every now and then. It’s always nice to sit and reminisce and realize how much both of you have grown as individuals.

2. The Family Friend

This is probably the child of your parents’ friends. You were forced to spend time together when your parents would invite them over for dinner. Nothing bonds people together like sitting at the kids’ table! Let’s just hope this is not the person your parents compare you to because that is a sure way to ruin a friendship.

3. The High School Friend

These are the people that have been there for you through your awkward teenage years. They have probably been there for you during your first real relationship and heartbreak and through the crazy process of applying to college. You formed common interests and would think that your friendship would last forever.

4. The College Friend

Many people believe that the friendship of a lifetime is formed in college. This is the person who you stayed up with studying for exams, who you partied all night with, and who you could always depend on for advice. You became full-fledged adults with this person, and that is certainly a good base for a friendship.

5. The Long Distance Friend

There might be a friend you met while studying abroad, or when you were on a vacation, or a friend who moved away. You two obviously keep in touch via social media and don’t see distance as a problem. It’s great to know that you have someone who you connect with even though you don’t get to see them every once in awhile. Skype dates and messaging is what keeps your friendship alive.  

6. The Extracurricular Friend

When you take any type of extracurricular activity you meet people who have common interests as you, and that is a great way to form a friendship. Those sports teams and clubs you joined in high school and college not only made you look like a well-rounded person but were also great places to make new friends.

7. The Friend Of A Friend

If you have a friend who is a social butterfly and has a bunch of different friend groups, there is always the possibility that he/she will introduce you to other really interesting people. It’s surprising that we can become best friends with the person who was introduced to us by someone. Expanding your friend group is always a good idea!

8. The Work Friend

Whether it’s your first part time job or your full-time job, we all make connections at work. This is actually a great way to see someone’s character because you get to perceive how the person acts in stressful situations and how they interact with other people. If you both hate your job, complaining about it is also a great way to make a connection with someone. Nothing brings people together like bitching about those horrible part time jobs!

Finding a friend who will always be there for you is almost like finding a soulmate. People say that there are a number of romantic relationships that you have throughout your life until you find the one. But there are also a number of friendships that you have to develop until you find the right people who you can depend on.  

Featured image via Ichad Windhiagiri on Pexels


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