20 Thoughts Every Counsellor Has During Summer Camp


If you have worked summer camps before, you may have stories regarding your experience as a camp counsellor. 

Being a camp counsellor is fun. You get to play games with kids, go on cool trips, and attend special events with your coworkers. 

However, it’s also stressful. You have to deal with parental problems, learn behavior management skills, and learn about a whole different group of kids every week. 

So as summer camp season kicks off, here are 20 thoughts you may have had as a camp counsellor: 

1. Is that kid in my group? 

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Remember the first day of camp, when all the kids are signing in with their parents? You’re wondering which one is in your group. Is it the energetic one? Or the quiet one not wanting to go to camp? 

2. Which game should I play next? 

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Camp is all about games and activities, but it’s difficult to pick one. 

3. Why are they not listening? 

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Kids all want to have fun, but it’s exceptionally difficult when they’re not listening. 

4. I’m so tired. 

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Dealing with children for eight hours straight is a lot. (If you work overnight camps, good luck.) 

5. Thank God it’s lunch break. 

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You need your food. 

6. Only one more hour until this day ends…

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You really want today to be over. 

7. Please do not run past the door. 

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For those of you who have dealt with runners you’re troopers!

8. Washroom breaks are way too much.

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Hopefully, no one plays pranks in the washrooms, or else I’ll have to stop it. 

9. Yay! Today is trip day. But…I really hope the kids listen. 

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It’s fun to get out of the facility. But transporting to a site and then coming back? Ugh, give me a break. 

10. Ugh, it’s a swim day. 

Those days where all the counsellors have to bring a bathing suit and watch the children swim were the worst 

11. I hope my volunteer actually does their work. 

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Yep, volunteers are a hit-or-miss. 

12. I  need a break from these kids. 

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Can I just please take a walk outside? These kids are driving me nuts. 

13. ____ weeks until the last day. 

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The last day of camp is just like the last day of school. 

14. Where’s my supervisor? I need them to deal with these kids. 

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Can my camp coordinator come to the rescue? 

15. I wonder how our camps will interact together. 

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I wonder if they’ll be friends, or if they won’t get along. 

16. Hopefully, the kids don’t make another mess doing arts and crafts.

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The paper flies everywhere. The glue sticks everywhere. Almost everything sticks everywhere. 

17. These kids make me so happy sometimes.

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Especially when they cooperate well together. 

18. I’ll remember these past few weeks. 

Honestly, they were difficult, but so fun. 

19. I’ll miss these kids so much. 

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You’ve built such a special bond with them. 

20. I’ll be back soon for camp. 

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And that’s why we continue coming back to work at camp every year!

If you were a camp counsellor, you may have said all of these things to yourself. But what else do you remember from camp? And what else can you never forget? Let us know in the comments below!

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