10 Confessions The Toxic People I Left Behind Need To Know

This is for the people I left behind; the people who gave me heartache and yet taught me lessons regarding my self-worth and dignity. The people who gave me scars but also made me stronger than I was before. Here are the things I wish I could tell them:

1. I’m sorry but I’m also not
I do apologize that I left you behind and I wasted our time just to watch it all fall apart and I do apologize that I couldn’t be as perfect as you expected.

But honestly, I never really felt sorry for everything that happened to us. I am glad to finally let go of something that made me unhappy. I may not be the perfect person for you, but I know that I am perfect enough for myself.

2. You didn’t help me grow
In this battlefield called life, all I want is to survive. I want to be the best version of myself so I can pursue my own goals. If you don’t contribute or help me achieve my goals (or worse, if you’re an obstacle in my way), I will definitely leave you behind. This life is hard enough, and you were not worth enough to be one of my struggles.

3. You disturb my state of well-being
Your energy was such a poison for my positivity. Your negative self was torturing the optimistic side of me, and it is better for both of us to be apart. I am sick of being the person who always cries because of you. Don’t you remember the laws of algebra? Positive and negative signs will only create another negative sign; and that is exactly what we used to be.

4. You made my life more difficult
Instead of making my life easier, you did the opposite. You have ruined my trust, and you have given me scars from relentless emotional trauma. You broke me once and I picked myself up. There will be no second chance for you to hurt me again. I did forgive you, but I will never forget what you did to me. No worries, I could heal myself without your help.

5. I never regret leaving you
The decision to leave you was such a struggle for me at first. But then, once I let go of you, positive things flooded back into my life. It was exactly like sunshine after a storm; the right people seemed to find their way into my life, and it convinced me that I should never go back to you.

6. I was faking with you all along
I was never truly being myself when I was with you and that made me sure that we actually weren’t good for each other; we were such opposites. You couldn’t get on my wavelength and vice versa. We disagreed about everything except our decision to be apart.

7. I only wish the best for you
I do really hope that you will always find the best for yourself. I hope you surround yourself with people who understand and support you. I hope both of us can be better without each other and that you always get what you deserve.

8. Thank you for the lesson you gave me
Despite the fact that you gave me so much pain, I do thank you because you taught me such a valuable lesson. You taught me how easy it is for someone I trust to betray me and, that we shouldn’t depend on anybody but ourselves. We are our own saviors in the end.

9. Get a life
Please stop checking up on me; I’m doing fine without you. Instead of comparing my life with yours, just focus on yourself. Please don’t hurt anyone else; you can teach people important life lessons without being the ‘bad guy’.

10. You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
Yes, because regret always comes last. You will miss my presence and realize that you didn’t treat me the way I should be treated. You will try to make me stay with you, meanwhile I don’t even want to look back.

I wish I could easily say these things directly to them, but we know that some things are better left unsaid. In the end, there is no such thing as a wrong person, the people in our life is either a gift or a lesson, and we should thank both of them. Cheers to us who are brave enough to leave toxic people behind.

Featured image via Diana Jefimova on Pexels


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