5 Things To Cross Off Your College Bucket List


Throughout my previous college experience, I noticed that I focused heavily on studying and working instead of extracurriculars. This may have been because the institution I went to had more of a work-focused dynamic. Many of my classmates would go to school to attend their classes, and then leave to go to work. In fact, almost no one stayed after class to attend extracurriculars on campus. 

Seeing what I had lacked previously in my post-secondary experience, I decided that I needed to construct a bucket list to broaden my horizons. I wanted to create a new experience for myself; one that I can hopefully remember after graduation. The first year is all about being open to new experiences and exploring your options after all. 

Since you can take so many paths you can take during the first year of college, check out some of the sections which anyone can include in their bucket list: 

1. Join extracurricular activities. 

In high school, adults  pressured us to join extracurricular activities just because of college applications. Guidance counselors, teachers, and other education professionals would encourage us to join these activities not for the sake of it, but for the optics. As a result, many of us tended to perceive extracurricular activities as a way to get ahead of our careers. 

However, we shouldn’t view extracurricular activities in this manner. Extracurriculars allow us to understand ourselves, learn more about the world, and see where our true passions lie. Then, we’ll feel more compelled to join. 

2. Attend school events. 

As college students, we often bury our heads into readings, exams, and other personal and professional challenges. We sometimes forget to take a look at the things around us – such as school events. Student associations often host these events. As a first-year student, attending these events will allow you to meet new friends, and learn more about the college. 

3. Familiarize yourself with different departments.

Institutions have so many departments within, not just admissions, academics, and financial aid. If you want to join clubs and volunteer, consider exploring your student life department. If you need assistance upgrading your resume and cover letter, book an appointment with your career center. Most importantly, many colleges have a tutoring and learning department for those who need some help with homework. And that doesn’t include all the other departments that provide students with tons of resources. So, explore around your school and network; that way, you’ll know where to go for special support. 

4. Get to know the area.

Other than attending class, familiarize yourself with the area around your school. In that case, you’ll know where to go if you need a quick snack or drink off-campus. And in your upper years, you can help some first-years navigate the area. 

5. Learn to value yourself and your well-being.

Many of us find school stressful because of all the assignments and activities. So during your first year, learn to develop coping and self-care strategies. This way, you’ll know your threshold and can better prepare for academic challenges throughout university. Start by going on a few walks, discovering new hobbies, and exploring new places. These coping strategies can help you throughout the busy seasons. 

Having these five sections on your bucket list helps you overcome challenges and other stressors throughout your first year. For me, I aim to learn more about myself through these goals in order to create a better university experience. After all, bucket lists aren’t only there for academics, but they’re a way to develop ourselves and fulfill our potential.

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