5 Things You Can Still Do While Waiting To Be Fully Vaccinated


Hope for a slightly more “normal” future is on the horizon, but unfortunately, we’re not quite out of the woods yet with COVID-19. Even with the increasing number of vaccinated individuals and the imminent arrival of full adult eligibility, the fast-spreading variants and wait time for full immunity means once you get that coveted jab in the arm, it’s not quite time to return to your pre-COVID life. 

However, with the warmer weather comes more activities that you can do while you wait for our country to reach herd immunity. Count down the days until your vaccination appointment with some safe activities so you can still have fun while you wait:

Always follow CDC guidelines and state and county mandates. Also, keep wearing a mask!

1. Check out events in your area. 

While your town or city may cancel some summer activities, they’ll probably host more events than they did last summer. There might be socially distant concerts in a park or nearby amusement parks or museums might be opening. Think of somewhere you haven’t been in a year and take a little time with just yourself or maybe one other person and visit it.

2. Visit your grandparents. 

If your grandparents are fully vaccinated, and you haven’t seen them in-person in a little while, try to arrange a visit. If they haven’t yet received the vaccine or feel safer staying outside, set up a “social distancing” visit on their porch or in their yard. They’ll be happy to see you outside of a Zoom video call!

3. Have a cocktail and story night. 

For the past year, my friends and I have gotten together over video chat and made up a story based on a theme we all pick. We also drink together on the call, whether we kick back with a favorite wine or try a new mixed drink. If you miss your group of friends, host a “cocktail and story night” in order to break the ice before you meet up for lunch in a few months.

4. Host a socially distant party. 

If you have a friend with a big backyard, have a small socially distant party! Invite your closest friends, set up some outdoor speakers, and buy firewood for a bonfire. A socially distant bonfire dance party might be a far cry from the parties you attended pre-COVID, but it can still be a whole lot of fun!

5. Take a hike. 

If your gym isn’t open or you aren’t as active as you want to be right now, have some fun in nature, and take a hike! Find a nearby park, dam, preserve, forest, or trail that you haven’t hiked, or visit one of your favorites. Breathing fresh air and soaking up some sunshine will help reinvigorate you until the world returns to normal!

COVID-19 vaccines are here, and if you don’t have yours yet, you may be feeling restless. In the meantime, though, try these fun activities this spring and summer. If you make the most of this “in-between” time, you’ll feel so much better when the world opens back up!

Feature Image by Brady Knoll from Pexels


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