5 Things To Do in College Besides Studying


As college students, we know that everyone will ask us about our studies. Even before we went to school, college students regaled us with tales of all-nighters and early morning classes. But even though our ultimate goal is to walk across that stage after earning our degrees, there’s so much more to college than just academics. 

For many of us, college is a time for self-discovery. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet other students from all walks of life and try new activities. 

If you want to live the full college experience, here are seven fun things to try: 

1. Volunteer with your school’s student association.

Many colleges have a student association. These associations usually run events, hold raffles, and plan trips for students. 

Your school’s student association might also have tons of volunteer opportunities, like helping with frosh week or intersession. Sign up for these opportunities to meet students from different majors and give back to the community. 

2. Attend a social event. 

There are plenty of social events to attend in college — and we’re not even talking about the parties. Sometimes, a student association will host trips to another city or sell tickets for a student cruise. Clubs and organizations across campus might also have event fundraisers to draw in new students. All of these events are the perfect opportunity to meet other students and have a whole lot of fun, too. 

3. Work on campus.

If you want to make some extra money, apply to an on-campus job. Some colleges have job fairs at the beginning of the semester for students. On top of working with fellow students, holding a job will prepare you for working in a post-secondary setting.

Although these positions may seem difficult to get at first, keep in mind that many schools have a variety of job openings. Some schools even offer work-study contracts for eligible students. Working in college will not only help you afford school, it will  also introduce you to fellow hard-working students .

4. Go on an international exchange. 

Want to unleash your inner nomad? College is the perfect time to apply for an international exchange. You can choose a country you want to visit and study there without paying extra fees. Going on an international exchange will help you immerse yourself in a new culture and make friends across the globe. It also looks impressive on a resume.  

5. Attend competitions and hackathons.

Participating in competitions is a great way to meet new people and work on a team. Plenty of colleges partner with organizations to host hackathons, and, if you participate, you’ll learn how to network and maybe even find some mentors along the way. Whether or not you win the competitions you enter, you’ll have fun, build teamwork skills, and possibly discover new hobbies. 

Academics aren’t the only important part of college — discovering ourselves will shape us into who we become. Getting involved in opportunities on campus will help you have a fun college experience and develop the skills you’ll use once you enter the “real world.”

Featured Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash.


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