Skip These 10 Items When Shopping For Your Dorm Room

Those off to college may have heard that move-in day is coming. If this is your first time living away, you may be excited to customize your dorm room. There are plenty of adorable accessories to buy. But what if you’re on a budget? Fear not: Here are ten items you should never buy for your dorm room:

1. String lights 

I know what you’re thinking: I see them everywhere on Instagram. So why shouldn’t I buy them? 

If you’re sharing a small room with other students, string lights can be a distraction. For example, if your roommate prefers to sleep early in a quiet and dark space, they may find string lights distracting. On top of that, string lights are hard to put up and take down. If you don’t tape them with painter’s tape, they might wreck the room’s walls. So to eliminate the hassle, skip the string lights. 

2. A TV 

TVs are hard to carry. Plus, with the advent of streaming services, you may find it more convenient to watch movies and shows on your electronic devices. So, skip on the TV to save money and space. 

3. Store-bought pictures and paintings

I know spicing up the room with your fave pictures and paintings is fun. But instead of buying them, try making them on your own. You’ll then be able to showcase your own work. 

4. Hot plates

If you’re in a small dorm without a kitchen, you may still want to pass on the idea of bringing a hot plate. These appliances can be a fire hazard, especially in a smaller room. Instead, consider scheduling some time in the shared floor kitchen if you want to cook some meals. 

5. Pets

Pets are amazing friends and creatures. But unfortunately, only a few colleges allow them in dorm rooms. This may be due to health and safety hazards, as many students may have allergies. But the good news is that you can always visit your pet after exam season! 

6. Plug-in air fresheners 

I know we always want our rooms to smell fresh. However, bringing in air fresheners may not be the best idea since they can be a fire hazard. Moreover, air fresheners can also trigger allergic reactions. Students with asthma are more likely to be affected. So, keeping the air freshener out of the dorm room is best. 

7. Hooks with sticky tape  

We’ve seen these hooks everywhere whenever we’re going dorm shopping. Although they may seem convenient, you’re better off passing on them. Sure, you can hang your clothing on these extra hooks. But remember to think about the move-out process: Imagine trying to take off one of those hooks. Then, it becomes difficult. 

8. Large speakers 

We may be excited to throw a huge party, but that doesn’t mean we should bring large speakers. They not only take up most of the dorm space but can also be distracting for those living nearby. 

9. Mattresses 

These items are already provided when you enter the dorm. So, it’s best to skip the hassle of carrying a large mattress.

10. Any type of barbecue grill 

Barbecue grills are often not allowed on campus dorms because of the usage of live coals. This is usually a fire hazard. However, if you are really in need of a barbecue, some dorms do have a grill available for students under special circumstances. 

Although some of these items may seem popular amongst college students, they can be a fire or safety hazard. When staying in a dorm, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when just starting college. By avoiding these items, you can create a safe and liveable space while enjoying your time and creating new memories. 

Featured image via Andrew Neel on Pexels


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