7 Signs You Are Starting A New Chapter In Life

We often feel stagnant in life. Sometimes, we feel we have lost our passion when the unpredictable happens. We may hit rock bottom and wonder when opportunities will arise. Throughout this time, many of us will experience change. This change is often for the better since it will lead to new opportunities and growth. 

If you’re in a rut, fear not — life will open a new chapter soon. Here are seven signs you’ll experience in the process of change: 

1. You lost something that once was valuable.

Think of when you lost a friend or a job or switched to a new program. You never expected all of these things to happen. But when you lose one of these things, life may eliminate some of your problems. Life might have pushed you to get out if you were stuck in a toxic friendship. And if you were stuck in a toxic work environment, you shouldn’t have to force yourself to stay. 

At first, these changes seem devastating as we lose something comforting. We lost a friend who we thought was there for us, and we lost a job that gave us income. But in the end, these losses are wins in disguise because they will lead to something better. 

2. A new door of opportunity opens amid the darkness.

As soon as you lose an opportunity, you may find another one. However, the opportunity may not be clear immediately. When I lost my placement, I felt devastated at first. But months later, I got a job as a summer camp coordinator, which I never expected to get. The same thing may happen to you: You may get a better job, start a thriving business, or get a new client. 

3. You feel the urge to return to your old hobbies.

Sometimes, we may look back to see what we previously enjoyed. For example, we might have had some positive hobbies that we somehow forgot about. 

Getting the urge to return to your old hobbies forces you to remember the activities that brought you joy. So you can pick up where you left off and create more memories. 

4. You continuously meet new people. 

Gone with the old, in with the new! Meeting new people will help you develop new friendships and relationships. You may meet your new best friend or find someone who genuinely cares about your health and well-being. Although new friends cannot replace old ones, life constantly introduces you to new people and ideas. 

5. You feel the urge to explore.

When all feels the same, you may feel the urge to get out of your comfort zone. You may want to explore more of your city or return to school for a new program. You can deepen your knowledge, meet new people, and try different activities through exploration. And by doing all that, you can develop new interests and grow. 

6. You feel more responsible for your actions.

Many of us often feel lazy and refuse to take responsibility for our own actions. This may have been true at our previous jobs or with our former best friends. But when you suddenly realize that you’re responsible for your actions, you start to realize that you can change your life when you decide to do so. Although you can’t change the past, you can change the present and the future. 

Therefore, you’ll make better decisions, leading to a new chapter in life.

7. You put more effort into everything you do.

We often resort to shortcuts to accomplish tasks with minimal effort. 

You may have done this in the past. But one day, that changes: You put more effort into everything you do, whether working at your job, doing chores at home, or finding new self-care methods. When you do this, you’re simply starting a new chapter in life. You’re finding ways to reward yourself and contribute to your community.

Sometimes, we may not realize that we need a change in life. But when we lose something we used to value, we may be forced to reconsider our options. When change happens, it’s not for the worst. Change can help us realize our potential. So, when change happens, a new chapter is being written.

Featured image via Abby Chung on Pexels


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