4 Things You Need to Know About Wallflowers


We’ve all seen those movies: there’s a dance, a party at some popular guy’s house, or a big event with a lot of people attending. There are what feels like hundreds of couples dancing and laughing. Plus, you have the occasional group of people who decided to go as friends and just see what’s up. And finally, you have the wallflowers — those of us who are either by the wall just watching the event unfold or over by the food and drinks. And who could blame us? 

If you’ve seen the movie or read the book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” then you’re familiar with these situations. Though the book came out in 1999 and the movie in 2012, the feeling of being a wallflower is as relevant as ever. Perhaps even watching the movie or reading the book helped you identify as a wallflower. 

For those who still don’t know if you could possibly identify as one, here’s some hints:

1. Wallflowers enjoy “people watching” 

For some of us, specific social settings can be overstimulating. Plus, it’s more fun to “people watch” anyways. We take in our surroundings and go off of the vibe that everyone else is giving. Wallflowers can either be in small groups or solo. It doesn’t matter to us. 

2. We don’t have to talk to be comfortable around you 

We’re that person who’s comfortable with silence and forcing conversation is not necessary. Do you and your friends enjoy the long drive while the music is playing and no one is saying anything? Perhaps you’re a wallflower! 

3. We’re taking in everything to remember that moment 

From the smells, the colors, emotions — everything. We want to do everything within our power to remember that exact moment. As we all know, it’s never going to truly happen again like this.

4. Wallflowers embrace diversity 

As wallflowers, we already recognize that we’re different in some capacity. Whether it’s the clothes we wear, our identities or  the tattoos and piercings we have. But the great thing about having us as friends is we love you for who you are! There’s no judgment or hate for how you dress or the way you talk. As long as you’re respecting us, we respect you.

I am a proud wallflower. Going with the flow and just enjoying the moments around me are what makes life worthwhile and gives you plenty of stories to tell. 

Feature Image by Ben White on Unsplash



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