7 Beautiful & Profound Words You Should Add To Your Vocabulary

English is an interesting language and contains a myriad of words that we don’t even know about or use anymore. Words that express feelings that you didn’t know the words for. Words that roll off the tongue elegantly sound delightful to the ears such as the word “eutony,” which means the pleasantness of the sound of the word. This is just one example, but here are seven more words that reveal the beauty and depth of the meaning of life:

1. Elysian (adj.)

This describes something as beautiful, creative, divinely inspired, peaceful, or perfect. You can use this word to compliment someone or their work such as, “Your story has an elysian tone to it.”

2. Aspectabund (adj.)

This describes the expressive emotion that you see through one’s face and eyes. This is especially relevant when you’re describing aspiring actors/actresses, but also those who wear their heart on their sleeves.

3. Meliorism (n.)

This is the belief that the world gets better – the belief that humans can better the world. A little bit of hope in everyone trying to make the world a better place. I personally believe that it can get better, but only if everyone would settle their differences and cooperate to turn it into a reality that puts the wellbeing of humanity before anything else.

4. Zenosyne (n.)

This is the feeling you get when you believe that time keeps going faster. And it’s a feeling that everyone gets as they get older and the years seem to fly by.

5. Sonder (n.)

This is the realization that each passerby you come across is living a life that is as vivid and complex as your own. It is like you are an extra in the movie of their life as they are an extra in the movie of yours.

6. Quatervois (n.)

This is a crossroad or a critical decision or turning point in one’s life. A perfect word for when you are transitioning from high school to college or college to the “real” world. This word holds meaning to me as it represents me when I went through life-changing circumstances during college and I wrote a piano piece with this word as the title.

7. Meraki (v.)

This is the action you take when you put the soul, creativity, or love into something. You pour the entire essence of yourself directly into the work you find most fulfilling. This goes for anyone when they are passionate about a specific hobby or career and they put themselves into their work.

There are many beautiful and profound words in the English language that not everyone will ever know or learn about. Many of these words derive from other languages and over time, people added them to our vocabulary, like every other word in English. However, these seven words are highly relevant to people’s lives as they go through challenging experiences and peaceful moments where they take time to reflect on everything around them including their own life. Life is as beautiful and meaningful as the words you use to describe it.

Feature image by Brooke Cagle via Unsplash.


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