6 Millennial Home Decor Trends You’ll Want To Adopt

The youngest millennials are now in their mid-twenties, which means they are full-on adults now. They are paying bills, creating the lives they want to live, and making a name for themselves. In fact, right now, millennials are actually the largest group of home buyers on the planet.

Since millennials are currently buying homes, they’re also finding creative ways to decorate. These “millennial” home decor trends are a great way to ensure that you impress anyone who may come over to your place.  

1. Custom Art 

Art has always been the most popular way to decorate homes, but millennials are putting their own spin on the art that they choose. Many millennials choose custom-made or handmade art over store-bought art..

For example, instead of buying mass-printed canvas pieces, many millennials instead opt to commission a custom hand painted canvas to display. This helps them show off their unique preferences and also supports individual artists.

2. Splashes Of Color

Another millennial home decor trend is using colorful accents. While some still prefer neutral decor, many love adding a splash of color to their homes. In addition to colorful walls, millennials decorate with colorful furniture, accents, and kitchen accessories. They also love patterns, especially patterned wallpaper. 

3. An Abundance Of House Plants

House plants aren’t new, but they’re more popular now than ever before. They also bring  the outdoors in, so they can easily help make an indoor space more calming. Many plants can also help purify the air.

Millennials have hundreds of plants to choose from, but they usually opt for low maintenance options like succulents or cacti and place them in eyecatching modern planters. Dry-climate plants are easy to keep alive, which perfectly suits the busy millennial lifestyle. 4. Minimalism 

In the past, people displayed dozens of different art pieces, types of furniture, and accessories, but not anymore! Many millennials prefer  open spaces and functionality to purposeless decorations.

Some simply dislike excess, often because it can make a space seem cluttered or can feel wasteful. Also, many millennials don’t have much space, so they need the space they have to be usable and accessible.

5. Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is one of the most important priorities for many millennials, and it impacts how they decorate their homes. Millennials sustainable decor, like wicker, cork, and bamboo.

Many of these materials are also incredibly versatile. They serve as art, storage, or even furniture. Sustainability in home design is a trend that we don’t see going away anytime soon!

6. Smart Devices

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and Millennials often make use of these smart devices in their homes. They choose smart speakers, colorful, controllable LED lights, and smart appliances in order to make their lives easier.

In addition to  giving a home a modern vibe, these technologies also have practical uses. Many save time, are energy-efficient,and generally help improve quality of life.

Home decor has definitely changed over the years, and millennials seem to know exactly what they like. Millennials prioritize ease, functionality, and sustainability in their decor, and these trends are here to stay!

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash



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