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11 Instagram-Inspired Matching Tattoos For Your Squad

Have you ever listed down getting matching tattoos as one of your squad goals? Matching tattoos are cool and aesthetic handiworks. It’s not only popular, but it honors and symbolizes the strong commitment and everlasting bond of a squad. 

Just like how you decided to choose which friends you consider to be like a family, you also have the freedom of choosing the best symbol to signify your long-lasting bond. 

If you are in search of a go-to list of cute and expressive tattoo ideas for your squad, you are all covered. Here are 11 matching tattoo ideas for you and your squad, inspired by Instagram posts.

Handwritten Tattoos

These are aesthetic, meaningful, and come in varied fonts and styles.

1. So Strong 

It’s short and striking. Plain and straightforward. This is great for defining a squad’s unparalleled bond.

2. “I’ll be there for you.”  

Hearing someone say that phrase is pure bliss. It’s even more meaningful if it is marked in your beloved friends’ skin. 

3. “No matter where…” 

It’s deep and sentimental. This denotes a firm bond that is always true whatever the situation is.

Food Tattoos

Who says food is only for your plates? You can have it printed on your body too. It gives off light, fun, and playful vibes, making it one of the cutest and trendiest tattoos. 

4. Noodles  

It is a perfect fit to symbolize your squad’s long-lasting friendship as this connotes longevity. 

5. Pizza  

No matter what toppings you wanted for the pizza, pizza is pizza. Pizza is life, be it a real food or an ink work.

6. Ice Cream 

This is best for showing that your squad’s memories of fun and youthful days will never melt away.

Flower Tattoos

If you are looking for subtle and modern ink art, this is the most commendable for its simple but artsy linework and deep meanings. 

7. Clovers  

This represents that friends, like clovers, are rare to find but one-of-a-kind.

8. Sunflowers 

Representing happiness and vibrancy, sunflowers are your go-to tattoos for chic and cute designs.

Symbol Tattoos

Symbol tattoos are the most popular and versatile. They range from minimalist designs to geometric patterns. Designs can be simple or complex, even abstract.

9. Small Hearts 

This is versatile and can come with different patterns, which are perfect for self-expression.

10. Sun, Moon, and Stars 

With its minimalist, artsy, and trendy look, it gives off an out-of-this-world vibe, and symbolizes permanence and endurance. 

11. Airplanes 

Be it a regular plane or a paper plane, this design is perfect if you want to show  love for traveling.

Now that you’ve seen the designs, the main challenge is deciding on your squad’s favorite. What matters the most is choosing what best defines your squad.

Photo by Elizabeth Tsung on Unsplash


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